“I used to live in Arizona, near a mountain sacred to the Native American tribes in the area…

“I used to live in Arizona, near a mountain sacred to the Native American tribes in the area (Pima/Maricopa). There were a lot of Skinwalker rumors in the area. My friends and I loved camping, and were lucky enough to get permission to use a site near the mountain, along the Salt River for a weekend.

First thing you have to understand is that we were a pretty sheltered group of kids. Didn’t use drugs, and alcohol in moderation. We mostly went out to share creepy stories around the campfire and nerd out for a night or two. We all spent a lot of time in the desert, and were all familiar with the land and wildlife, even the rarer species.

We were sitting around our fire, listening to the river and the animal sounds around us. Crickets, cicadas, birds. The moon was almost full, and the desert was beautiful. Suddenly, everything goes quiet. Just the sound of the river remains, and even that seems spooky. The air grew still, and seemed to get cold. We hear rustling in the undergrowth across from our fire. Out steps a Javelina.

Javelinas are in the pig family, usually a brownish color, biggest ones about the size of a medium sized dog. They’re actually kind of cute. This one wasn’t. It was huge and looked jet black, with glowing red eyes. It paced around a bit, seemed like it was moving around the fire so it could look each one of us in the eye. I have never seen anything look at me like that, and I work with psych patients. Its gaze was cold and searching, like it could see through me.

After what like felt forever, it finally backed up through the undergrowth. The night got warmer, and the normal sounds started up again. We spent the rest of the night very close to the fires, and GTFO’d as soon as the sun rose.

I really want to believe it was just a male Javelina scoping out some territory. But every instinct I have says it wasn’t.”

By: KirinG (Have you ever had an unexplained or
paranormal experience?