“In high school I knew a girl who claimed to have supernatural powers. She would constantly be…

“In high school I knew a girl who claimed to have supernatural powers. She would constantly be speaking with spirits, reading people’s auras, etc. I still don’t know if people genuinely believed her or if they just went along with it, but no one ever said anything. I was a pretty gullible kid, so I believed her for the most part, but was always a bit skeptical (for the record, I no longer believe in any of this stuff). Anyways, her “powers” tended to become the focus of most social gatherings we ever went to.

My group used to eat lunch in the basement under the theater, where we weren’t supposed to be, but it was supposedly haunted so we would sneak in most lunch hours. There were a bunch of storage closets down there which were always locked. So one day, we’re all chilling out and suddenly this girl starts talking about her powers as usual, and then shows us two new ones.

The first is that she can lock/ unlock doors. To prove this, we all try the handle of one of the storage closets–as normal, it doesn’t open. Then this girl looks at the door (doesn’t even go near it), and we can suddenly open it. Then she looks at it again and it’s locked.

The second one–and this is the one that really scares me–was that she could make some sort of mental wall to keep people out of places. She tested this on me by first having me walk through the hall, I did and nothing happened. Then she told me she would make it so that I could walk back past a certain mark on the wall which I had just passed. When I reached that point, I suddenly felt an extreme pain in my abdomen and truly couldn’t walk any further. Like, this was serious pain and I actually started crying. My friend walked over to me and placed her hands exactly where the worst of the pain was coming from (I hadn’t indicated to her where it was), whispered something, and it went away. Years later, this still freaks me out.

Honestly, 99% of what this girl did/said could be explained by she was making shit up and no one called her out on it- there was no proof for any of it. But that lunch hour was fucking real, and I still don’t know how to explain it. The second one could have been me psyching myself out and expecting something to happen, but I still don’t know how she was able to open and close the door by looking at it- if anyone has an explanation I’d love to hear it.”

By: vousetesbelles (What creepy story have you never been able fully to explain?)