Scared of your own…

“Around 10 or 11pm one night, I needed to go somewhere, but it’s not relevant where, probably a quick run to the grocery, or something boring like that. I tend to move slowly in order to take everything in. This is important to note, because if I didn’t, I would have carelessly gone about my business and ended up with no story to tell.

Anyway, after I searched the cloudy sky for stars, I looked back down and noticed my shadow on my stepmom’s car. I stared at it, initially thinking it was strange because my shadow didn’t normally reach that far from the porch. I looked at other shadows around me. They were all lighter than mine. I took some steps forward and studied every light that was nearby. It seemed the angles of light did not match up with where my shadow was. It should have been impossible.

I moved different parts of my body while staring at the shadow. It all synched up just fine. I stood still, and stared, puzzled. Then it happened. My shadow turned sideways and walked down the length of the car. It disappeared once it left the car. I looked behind me to see if a neighbor or someone else was walking. There was no one. That was a big nope for me.

I quickly turned around and went to unlock the door. ‘I’m going to pretend this didn’t happen,’ I said. I sat on the couch inside for about half an hour. After that, I reluctantly went outside again. I cupped my hands around my eyes to give myself tunnel vision to avoid seeing my stepmom’s car. My car was straight ahead so I didn’t need to look at hers.

What particularly disturbed me was how clear my features were in the shadow. I’ve always had big, poofy hair. At that time, it was long, and in a ponytail. The hair tie was tight, but my hair was a big ball of fluff and the shadow portrayed that well. When it walked, it had the same bounce in its step that I’ve always had.

I’m not worried when I see my shadow now. It’s just a shadow. But that night when I saw it, deep down I knew it wasn’t a shadow, even if I couldn’t say what it was exactly.”

By: @prayforlawnchairs