10 Folk Beliefs About Samhain/Halloween


By Tess Whitehurst
October 31st is not just Halloween. It’s also Samhain: an ancient sabbat and
powerful point on the wheel of the year.

Divinatory and protective practices connected with this
time abound, as does lore about the realm of the dead and the realm of the Fae.

Here are 10 such beliefs:

  1. Spirits and fairies walk among us – At
    Samhain, the veil between the worlds lifts, which means all usually unseen
    creatures are free to dwell in our human realm.
  2. Dressing up like an animal or a fearsome creature
    may trick the fairies into not kidnapping you
     – If you would prefer
    not to be kidnapped by a fairy, this gives you one more reason to dress up for
  3. Jack-O-Lanterns help guide lost spirits to the light –
    No matter what vegetable was employed to create Jack-O-Lanterns (they were
    originally made from things like turnips and beets), their flickering light was
    said to guide trapped or gloomy spirits into a brighter and happier realm.
  4. A bonfire will protect you from unfriendly fairies
    and ghosts
     – As such, many ancient peoples in the British Isles lit a
    bonfire in the center of town, at the edges of crops, and near their homes.
  5. Thoroughly cleaning and tidying your home will help
    welcome in beloved deceased ancestors and friends –
    Burn some sweetgrass
    and copal incense afterwards for extra magical power.
  6. Two sticks of rowan tied together to form an
    equal-armed cross will protect you from fairies
     – Red thread is
    apparently the best thing with which to tie them.
  7. A bat in your house means a ghost got in –
    On Samhain, a bat in the house means at least one ghost is probably in there
  8. Two nuts, thrown in a fire, can provide romantic
     – First, name the nuts after yourself and your partner. Then
    throw them in the Samhain fire. If they burn brightly, expect a happy
    relationship. If they don’t ignite, it’s a sign of future unhappiness. Or if
    they jump apart, separation (or at least acrimony) may be in your future.
  9. A pair of shoes over a house on Samhain will reveal
    future travel plans
     – In short, you’ll know by the direction the toes
    are pointing.
  10. Seeing a spider on Samhain means you have a loyal
    ally in the realm of the dead.
     Whether it’s a friend, a close family
    member, or a more ancient ancestor, seeing a spider is a message that someone
    on the other side is looking out for you.

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