How the Lake Michigan Triangle Became One of the Most Haunted Places on Earth

The legend behind the Bermuda Triangle is one which has
perplexed anyone who’s heard it. But fewer realize there’s an area near
Wisconsin with an equally chilling reputation. The lesser-known Lake Michigan
Triangle has acquired just as much unexplained behavior as its Bermuda counterpart,
and its history is downright haunting.

The Lake Michigan Triangle encompasses an area that
stretches from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Ludington and Benton Harbor in Michigan.

From as early as 1891, this particular triangle has
acquired a history of unexplained activity.

It was during this year that a schooner by the name of
the Thomas Hume set sail to gather lumber. Heavy winds set in and seemingly
overnight, the boat and its crew of seven men disappeared altogether. Search
parties failed to find even a scrap of driftwood.

In 1921, another tragic event occurred in the waters of
Lake Michigan. Just 30 years after the Thomas Hume disappeared, a ship by the
name of the Rosa Belle encountered a similar fate. The vessel was discovered
overturned in Lake Michigan, yet not one of its 11 passengers could be found.
Even more chilling is the fact that damages to the vessel implied a collision,
yet no other ship reported an accident or could even be found.

After reports of these shipwrecks were announced, more
and more incidents were reported recounting similarly bizarre cases of
disappearance and paranormal activity.

Some claim the haunted area possesses some sort of time
warp, transporting passengers and even vessels to a different time. Thousands
of passengers have sailed through Lake Michigan with incident-free, yet many
opt to avoid the area altogether.

Many disappearance claims involved shipwrecks, yet
perhaps the most memorable incident is that of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight

In 1950, a commercial airline from New York City crashed
into Lake Michigan. The plane, carrying 58 passengers, was forced to descend
due to a strong electrical storm. Shortly after the descent, the plane
disappeared from the radar and was never again located. For more information on
this tragic disappearance, click

While these claims may seem supernatural, there’s no
denying the intrigue and chilling history of the Lake Michigan Triangle.

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