“I was about 7 years old at the time, and shared a room with my sister in the bottom part of my…

“I was about 7 years old at the time, and shared a room with my sister in the bottom part of my house. It was big and had a spiral stair case in the corner of it. Well one night I was sleeping, but abruptly woke to that feeling of being watched. Being young I called for my sister to find comfort, but nothing came out.

I rolled over from facing the wall, and looked around to see who was watching me. This was a big mistake. It wasn’t a someone looking at me, it was a dark misty shadow figure. It wasn’t the figure that scared me, it was the vibe it pushed off. I don’t know how to explain it except it was an overwhelming dark that smothered me and made it hard to breathe.

It didn’t have a face, but it was zoned in on me. The figure moved towards me, and in that moment(being young and dumb) I covered my face with my blanket. That’s when I noticed how cold it was. You know how when you breathe under a blanket it heats up really fast and it’s hard to breathe, well that’s not how it was.

When I finally got the courage to look out again, it was still there. But then it just slid into the ground, like melting snow.

The next day I thought it was just a dream, and for a long while I did believe that it was. But then when I was 12 I was on the top floor of my house in my hallway, and I had the same feeling of being watched. I turned ready to confront my fear, and to prove to myself once and for all that it was a dream.

I had no such luck, and have forever regretted that one action of mine. In my bathroom right in front of the sink I saw the figure again. I had a feeling that it recognized me, and I knew it knew I recognized it too. We just both just stood there, and then it walked towards me, I just stared it down and once it approached the door it stopped and I felt that same cold again. And then it melted into the floor again. I haven’t seen it since, and hope I never do either.”

By: halliebear (What is the most
mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed?