“BACKSTORY! We live out in the country, so we don’t lock our doors or windows. The only house…

BACKSTORY! We live out in the country, so we don’t lock our doors or windows. The only house nearby is our landlord’s, which is about 20 yards away. The rest is woods for at least 100 yards on each side. Our landlord is a single, middle aged woman with no kids. We can see her bedroom window from our house and her TV faces the window. Behind our house and to the side of hers are about 6 collapsed chicken coops that were in a fire a few years ago and haven’t had chickens in them for at least 10 years. There are a ton of leaves all over the entire property.

Just the other night my husband and I were about to go to bed when he went outside for a cigarette. I did my thing and got into bed very quietly, trying not to wake the baby (who sleeps in our room). My husband comes in a few minutes later whispering, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’ and shaking. He then tells me that he could hear KIDS LAUGHING and hushing each other in the woods behind the coops. This was at 11:30 on a Monday. Spring Break for the entire county isn’t until next week. [Our landlord’s TV was not on, all of her lights were off and he didn’t hear any leaves moving/crunching.]  Our kids are the only ones around and they are both sleeping.

I didn’t believe him at first, then he proceeded to wake up our two year old son (which any parent knows you DON’T DO) and bring him, his mattress and his white noise machine in our room to sleep for the night. He also locked all of the windows and doors before getting into bed.

Fuck that shit.”

By: YouMean_FIGURATIVELY (What creepy story have you never been
able fully to explain?