8 Real People Who Pissed Off Demons (And Paid …

Demons and the forces of darkness are horror movie
staples for a reason: they are horrifically terrifying. Whether you
believe in demons or not, there are enough supposedly true stories of
demonic encounters out there to make an endless string of movies. From adults
to kids, from believers to non-believers, from those who went out looking
for trouble to those who just made the mistake of moving into the wrong
house, people have had truly chilling encounters with vengeful demons they’ve

While it is generally ill-advised to pursue any demons at
all, these demons you don’t want to mess with are truly the stuff of
nightmares. Some take terrifying forms, some inflict horrible pain, and others
lend those they possess strange powers. They have even committed and inspired
murders. While some demons (such as the Bell Witch) are parts
of tales that have been passed down for hundreds of years, others have
occurred only recently. In 2008, a board-certified psychiatrist even documented
a real-life case of what he considered clear-cut demonic possession.

What’s out there is dark, it’s terrifying, and here are
the reasons why you don’t want to piss any of it off. 

Arne Johnson Taunted Demons and Turned Into a
Murderous Madman

Shortly after his family rented a new home, eleven-year-old
David Glatzel was repeatedly visited by demons that took both bestial
and human forms, and would threaten and attack him, leaving
mysterious wounds all over his body. The rental house was the site of
strange occurrences that only worsened after a priest performed a
cleansing. Glatzel would speak in tongues and randomly convulse and
levitate. He became obese, gaining 60 pounds in only a few months. Multiple
exorcisms revealed the names of the 43 demons which possessed him, but did
nothing to fix the problem.  

Things got even worse when David’s sister’s fiancé,
19-year-old Arne
, taunted the demons inhabiting David, demanding they leave David
alone and possess his body instead. Johnson then also began to suffer
strange trances and bouts of anger. He crashed his car into a tree, claiming
that demons had taken control of the vehicle.

Formerly a calm and mild-mannered person, Johnson got
into an argument with his landlord, Alan Bono, and stabbed
him to death
, later claiming that he remembered none of it.

This was the first high-profile murder case in
America where being possessed by demons was used as a legal defense, though the
judge rejected this defense.

Anneliese Michel Underwent Torture, Starvation, and
Death in Combat with Demons

This 1967 case of exorcism
gone horribly wrong
was the inspiration for the horror film The
Exorcism of Emily Rose
. A 23-year-old mentally ill and epileptic German
girl, Anneliese Michel, was suspected of being possessed due to her
aversion to religious pictures and symbols, convulsions, ability to speak in
tongues, foul smell, and generally terrifying
. She would eat coal and spiders, drink her own urine, bark like a
dog, and once even bit a bird’s head off. Michel believed she was willingly
undergoing these torments to atone for the sinfulness of modern life.

She died of dehydration and starvation after undergoing
nearly 70 exorcisms. Having refused to eat, at the time of her death, she
weighed only 68 pounds. Two years after her death, her parents and the two
priests who held the exorcisms were sentenced to six months in prison for
negligent manslaughter. The onslaught of exorcisms were said to have
merely angered the demons possessing her, ultimately causing her to refuse
food and water until she died. 

A Psychiatrist Confirmed the Possession of Woman Who
Dabbled in Satanism

An American woman struggled with demonic possession so
severe and obvious that it was documented by
board-certified psychiatrist and associate professor of psychiatry at New York
Medical College, Dr.
Richard E. Gallagher
, in a paper for the New Oxford Review. The
woman, called “Julia,” could speak foreign languages unknown to her,
levitate seemingly at will, and also demonstrated psychic powers, including
knowing private information about others that she had no means to know.

Gallagher wrote the paper in order to academically
document a case of demonic possession. The patient, who was previously known to
have ties to Satanists, may have done something to conjure or otherwise anger
dark forces.  

A Couple Found a Possessed Mirror in a Dumpster and
Sold It to a Mysterious Buyer

After picking up an antique mirror they found in a
dumpster outside their London home, Joseph Birch and
Sotiris Charalambous quickly found themselves in a
dangerous situation
. They suffered bad luck, including both health
and financial problems. More frightening, they would wake up screaming in
pain, see flickering shadows in the mirror, and even find themselves covered
in inexplicable red scratche
s. These are some of the tell-tale signs of a
demonic possession.  

In order to get rid of the mirror, they put it up
on eBay
, openly admitting all that had happened to them, only for a single
mysterious buyer to bid on it and buy it.

A Possessed Home Was Demolished After Tormenting Three
Young Children

In 2014, Latoya Ammons and her three children moved into
a new home in Gary, Indiana. Unbeknownst to them, it was the residence of what
some experts claim to be over 200 demons. These demons were enraged by this disturbance
of their space. They possessed and tortured the children so horribly that
the Indiana Department of Child Services and the police both launched
investigations. An exorcism was even allegedly authorized by the local branch
of the Catholic Church. 

Zak Bagans, host and producer of the show Ghost
s, had the house destroyed in early 2016 as part of a
documentary on the supernatural he was putting together. Bagans told
the IndyStar:

Something was
inside that house that had the ability to do things that I have never seen
before – things that others carrying the highest forms of credibility couldn’t
explain either. There was something there that was very dark yet highly
intelligent and powerful.

Robbie Mannheim Called Upon Demons While Using an
Ouija Board

The Exorcist is considered one of the
greatest horror films of all time, but not many people know that the possession
of poor Regan in the film was actually based on the real-life exorcisms of
14-year-old Robbie Mannheim, who was known at the time as Roland
 to protect his privacy. The boy found himself possessed by a
terrifying demon after using an Ouija board to try and contact his dead aunt in
the 1930s.  

Objects would be thrown around, furniture would be
toppled over, strange footsteps could be heard within his home, and religious
pictures would vibrate on the walls as he passed. At school, his desk
would slide around the room in front of witnesses.

A series of violent and unsuccessful exorcisms
followed, during which he spoke in tongues and attacked priests with horrifying
strength. Eventually, an exorcism was successful, and he went on to live a
normal life. 

The Bell Witch Tormented a Family and Murdered Their

One of the most famous hauntings in American history
is that of the Bell Witch,
a malevolent entity that attacked a pioneer family with the trademark
malevolence of a powerful demon. The entity largely focused its attentions on
the youngest of the Bell family, Betsy, and the father, John Bell. The demon
would slap Betsy, pull her hair, and leave marks on her body. When John Bell
died, the demon claimed to have poisoned him. This intelligent presence could
hold a conversation and even predict events, but it mysteriously disappeared
after John Bell’s death.  

All sorts of claims have been made regarding what the
family did to anger the seemingly demonic spirit. Some say that the family
was cursed, others that the land was cursed and the
family angered an evil spirit by settling there. A psychic published
a book
 in 2015 claiming that the demonic activity was tied in to
the sexual abuse of Betsy Bell by another family member. 

After a Failed Exorcism, a Priest Received Text
Messages from the Devil

In 2014, Father Marian Rajchel carried out a
failed exorcism on a teen girl in Poland. Rather than driving the devil
out of the girl’s soul, the priest drove it into her cell phone, and he then
began receiving insulting text messages from the demon. These text
 contained threats and insults such as these:

Shut up, preacher.
You cannot save yourself. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher.

She will not come
out of this hell. She’s mine. Anyone who prays for her will die.

Teich, Ranker