“This started back in 2012, my parents sometimes leave me alone at home for work. I had a laptop and a PSP to play with and I was just tired using those so I sat down beside my bed. Checked the time and it was midnight. My room is just like any other room but its curtains are always closed so I don’t really know what’s happening or what time it is outside. 

This is where the weird part comes, I’m just laying down on the floor, bored, listening to the tick-tocks of my alarm clock for some minutes. Then my parents came back from work and knocked on the door and I opened it for them, it was 4 in the morning and the sunlight shone in my face. My family is as normal as any normal family and my dad sent the alarm clock to repairs but it didn’t show any damages. 

It happened often (like twice a week) and I really am bugged out by this for months, I didn’t tell my parents about this because I don’t want to trouble them. It’s just odd that when I relax and listen to the tick and tocks of my alarm clock, I waste three to five hours. I’m in senior high school now and it rarely happens anymore (once a month or never) because I own a digital clock now and sometimes I don’t sleep (school stuff). Sometimes I miss that alarm clock for no reason.”

By: @its-just-dex