The Creepy Small Town in Michigan with Insane …

Do you believe in ghosts? If you live in Belleville,
Michigan you might. This little town has a lot of paranormal stories
surrounding it. Take a look:

Denton Road Bridge
There are two Denton Roads in Belleville: Old Denton Road
and Denton Road. Both have many stories of haunts and spirits. At Denton Road
Bridge, which crosses Belleville Lake, people often see the ghost of a woman.
Some see the woman surrounded by a blue light, others see her soaking wet, and
carrying a baby. Pull up near the bridge at night and turn off your lights, and
you might see multiple orbs floating toward your car.

Old Denton Road near
Old Denton Road is a little stretch of road that has a
lot of paranormal activity. Some see a lone figure walking along the side of
the road, which vanishes into thin air as they approach. Others who dare to
walk down this road hear the crying of a baby.

Soop Cemetery
Elizabeth Soop was said to be a witch. She’s buried in
the oldest part of the cemetery next to her husband, but people say that she’s
definitely not at rest. Many who visit her grave say that they’re followed by
shadowy figures, and they hear voices and footsteps. Others report orbs
everywhere at night. Soop Cemetery is located at 49250 Old Denton Road.

Tyler Cemetery
Tyler Cemetery is just outside of Belleville, in Van
Buren Township, but perhaps Belleville’s spirits don’t take note of town
limits. This cemetery is said to be haunted by several ghosts dressed in white.
You might see them walking amongst the headstones. And when you leave, if you
look in your rear view mirror, you might see them following you until you get
back through the cemetery’s gates.

Bone Heads BBQ
Bone Heads BBQ is just four miles from Belleville. You’ll
find it at 10256 Willis Road, Willis Michigan. This restaurant is one of the
most haunted places in the entire state, but its ghosts are supposedly
friendly. The mischievous ghosts make lamps in the bar swing wildly, Lights
turn on after the restaurant is closed and locked for the night. Employees
report hearing whispers and footsteps when no one else is around. A woman in a
white dress often appears to customers in both the dining room and the ladies

Robson Road
It’s said that if you pull onto quiet, rural Robson Road
at night, you’ll experience some strange paranormal activity. Turn off your
headlights and wait for a few moments. You’ll see a pair of headlights hurtling
toward you, then it will seem to run right over your car and pass through to
the other side.

Armstrong, Only In Your State