A mysterious boom baffles Tampa Bay, and offic…

Residents in Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties
took to social media Saturday to determine what caused a mysterious,
reverberating boom that shook homes around 1:45 pm


Whatever it was, the boom shook walls and swayed

“It sounded like a plane had crashed,” said
Fred Krauer Jr., 43. The noise rattled every room in his home north of State
Road 52 and west of Hicks Road. “I felt it in my feet in the shower.”

He rushed outside. There were no flames or smoke, just
another overcast day in Hudson.

A massive boom shook homes across Pasco, Hillsborough and
Polk counties around 1:45 p.m. Saturday. Residents called government hotlines,
and theories swirled online. Could it be military operations? An explosion? A
meteor? Supersonic jets?

Half a dozen government agencies all had the same answer
Saturday: We don’t know, but we didn’t do it.

Pasco County spokeswoman Tambrey Laine said dispatchers
got dozens of calls.

Tampa Bay is
surrounded by military bases and has a long history of mysterious booms often
attributed to military tests. But MacDill Air Force Base said it wasn’t them.
So did Eglin Air Force Base at the edge of the Florida Panhandle, Tyndall Air
Force Base in Panama City, and the Space Coast-based 45th Space Wing and
Kennedy Space Center.

“We have no records of fighters in the area,”
said Terry Montrose, spokesman for the 6th Air Mobility Wing, based at MacDill.
He said the base received about a half-dozen calls about the booms.

“It’s a little unnerving, as with anything with the
unknown,” said Krauer, an Army infantry veteran. “If we don’t have
the answer for something, your mind starts reaching.”

There was one
possible explanation: Two F-15 fighters were given permission by NORAD to fly
at supersonic speed — in excess of 760 mph — over the Gulf of Mexico, said
Canadian Air Force Lt. Marco Chouinard, a NORAD spokesman.

NORAD is the North American Air Defense Command, an
organization of the United States and Canada that provides aerospace warning,
air sovereignty and protection for Northern America.

The jets were not responding to any incident, Chouinard
said. There was no way to be sure they caused the noise, he said.

Wright & Howard Altman, Tampa Bay Times

NOTE FROM EQUINOX PARANORMAL: I live in this area, and
this is not the only strange ‘boom’ that we’ve heard recently. Since late
November, we’ve been hearing frequent noises that, in our opinion, are sonic
booms. For a period of about 5 days (11/27-12/01), we were a
dozen ‘booms’ or more every day. As the article states, there are multiple air force
bases nearby. We suspect that the military is running drills or training
exercises, or perhaps testing something new, that they don’t want to reveal to
the public just yet.