Glenwood Cemetery’s Chainsaw SculpturesT…

Glenwood Cemetery’s Chainsaw Sculptures
The towering
figures were created from the cemetery’s fallen old-growth trees. 

Cemetery is a historic Washington D.C. cemetery known for its opulent
Victorian monuments and infamous residents: It is the resting place of George
Atzerodt, a co-conspirator for Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and the
murderer Frederic De Frouville. But amid the graves of its notorious and
lesser-known inhabitants, some larger-than-life chainsaw art rises from the

Many of the trees within Glenwood are over 200 years old.
When high winds caused some of the old-growth trees to topple, the cemetery
contacted a professional chainsaw artist to turn the wooden remnants into works
of art, and give new life to the longtime living residents of a place so
heavily associated with death. The artist, Dayton Scoggins, used four oak trees
to create the unique wooden sculptures. The largest of them stretches to 30
feet tall.

The wooden carvings found in Glenwood include creatures
not commonly found in your average cemetery, like a dragon and a saber tooth
tiger surrounded by woodland creatures. Two of the sculptures depict angels, which
are are admittedly a more conventional fit for their surroundings. Supposedly,
the artist drew inspiration from passages in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

, Photos by Tim