Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid TombIf Nic Cage e…

Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb
If Nic Cage ever
dies he will be buried inside this controversial New Orleans pyramid. 

derided, and memed actor Nicolas Cage has long been known for his eccentric
behavior both in front of the camera and in the real world. It seems Cage plans
to continue this legacy into death as well, thanks to the odd pyramid mausoleum
he purchased in a famed New Orleans graveyard. 

Cage has a history with the city of New Orleans, having
purchased both the infamously haunted LaLaurie Mansion and the historic Our
Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. Both properties were foreclosed on in 2009 after
a tax debacle. Subsequently, Cage purchased his unnamed tomb in the city’s
beloved St. Louis
Cemetery No. 1
, home to the grave of another of New Orleans’ supernatural
heavies, Marie

The empty grave is a stark, nine-foot-tall stone pyramid
that stands in obvious contrast to the blockier, above-ground burial sites that
have been crumbling away in the cemetery for over two centuries. There is no
name on the pyramid yet, but it is emblazoned with the Latin maxim, “Omni Ab
Uno,” which translates to “Everything From One.”

The actor himself has chosen to remain silent about his
reasoning for the flamboyant tomb. Some speculate it’s an homage to the
“National Treasure” movie franchise, though given that many cemeteries host
pyramid grave markers, it may have simply been a stylistic choice. Others think
the pyramid is evidence of the strange actor’s ties to the secret Illuminati society. Because of antique portraits bearing an uncanny
resemblance to Cage that have surfaced online, the more paranormally-minded
suggest that the pyramid is where Cage will regenerate his immortal
self. The rumor around town is that Cage has considered himself cursed
since owning LaLaurie’s mansion (his box office record does reflect this) and
he feels being next to Marie Laveau will un-curse him.

Whatever his reasons, the Cage pyramid has already become
an iconic part of the cemetery, much to the chagrin of many locals who are
furious that he was able to obtain a plot in the cramped graveyard. Many have
even accused the tomb of damaging or removing other centuries-old burials to
make room. Yet despite public outcry, the pyramid stands.

New Orleans may not like Nic Cage, but it’s clear that he
likes New Orleans. Though some feel Cage is detracting from the historic
importance of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, his grave has already become a part of
its mythology. For whatever reason, a tradition has arisen of leaving lipstick
kisses behind on the nameless tomb.