Haunted Colton, CA: Paranormal Activity at Pin…

Few things in life can compare with sitting down at the
end of the day to a nice, juicy steak. Whether it’s your standard sirloin,
or the all-out slow-cooked ribeye (keep that horseradish handy unless you’re a
purist,) nothing beats a good steak made right at a genuine excellent
steakhouse. Some steakhouses are apparently so good that even after death
people will come back.

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse is located in Colton,
California, and sports a great menu, a good atmosphere, and the kind of beers
that will make your mouth water no matter where you’re from.

It also has a history of being haunted.

Paranormal Activity at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Just before you get to the entrance to the ladies’ room,
you might notice the print of a person’s hand on the wall.

At first glance, you might be led to think that Pinnacle
Peak perhaps doesn’t keep their restaurant very clean, but you’d be wrong.

The hand print, at least according to some people,
including a California psychic, belongs to a woman who has been dead for over
forty years.

“We used to try to wash it off,” some of the
employees say, “but it just kept coming back. So eventually we just
stopped and let it be.”

It seems that this particular satisfied customer wishes
to leave an indelible sign that she has been there, and refuses to let that
sign be washed away.

“We kind of started seeing it as a sign that
we must still be doing things right, the way we were back in the seventies when
Laurie was still alive,” says a man who used to work in the back of
this steakhouse location long ago.

According to him, Laurie is the name of the now-deceased
patron whose hand graces the wall just before the women’s restroom in the
restaurant. “Of course, that was a lot easier to do back in the days when
it didn’t move.”

When asked to clarify, this former waiter says,
“Well, I ain’t the only one that seen it move, first of all, so make sure
you write that down.”

I assure him that I will.

Today on The Steakhouse Menu: Ribeye With a Side of

“Good. Well, you see, back around ‘90 or so, the
hand print – Laurie’s hand print – started to move sometimes when people would
walk by.

"At first it would just sort of flex its fingers. But
I’m given to understand that today, if you walk by close enough, it’ll reach
right out and grab you by the shoulder. Freaky as hell, if you ask

I ask if anyone was ever hurt by the hand. He stares at
the table for a long moment.

“Not that I know of,” he says. “But I have
to tell you, I’ve wondered for a very long time whatever happened to her.

"To Laurie, I mean. I remember her being very sweet
but very quiet. And I’ve wondered a lot of times if maybe she’s reaching out –
so to speak – and trying to tell people something. Like that she was murdered,
or something like that, you know?”

I ask him if he ever goes to the Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
any more, and he shakes his head.

“Naw,” he says. “I think I seen that thing
move one too many times. I keep fearing I’ll wake up, and it’ll be on my
wall this time.”