“So, I was just reminded of this incident that happened when I was about 13 and thought I’d share. Me, my mom and her friend were looking up all of the haunted places in my town and we came across a cemetery that’s open to the public 24 hrs. It was about 3 am (we wanted to be extra spooky) so we drove down there and parked my mom’s car inside the cemetery. 

My mom’s friend decided to record to see if we could pick up any spirit voices and what not, she was recording for maybe 20 minutes. All she was able to pick up some faint breathing and my mom thought she heard someone crying but nothing crazy. 

So we went back in the car and just sat and talked quietly for a couple of minutes until we felt the car jolt forward like we were rear ended. We all got out of the car, there was not one person in sight. We looked around for a little bit and then my friend just pointed at my mom’s trunk and there were 3-4 pairs of muddy hand prints on her trunk. We all looked at each other in literal shock because there was literally no one around, so we all rushed into the car and got out of there. 

When we got home, we noticed that one pair of prints was huge, like an insanely large man and one pair was small like a kids hand prints. I remember this like it was yesterday because I was so terrified.”

By: @phantomgirl420