Twinkling Lights

“I keep seeing these twinkling lights in the woods at night. They blink on and then twinkle past the window drifting like a feather. I thought that they were fireflies at first except they are a light blue/teal color and always drift around in the same exact spots. I know they can’t be fireflies because I have seen them with fireflies and the color (as mentioned) is definitely off. They look kind of like Christmas tree lights or little twinkling stars. But as mentioned above, my best comparison is to the fireflies. I also know it can’t be fireflies because I only started seeing them during the summer in 2015. r. Up until then I hadn’t seen them and I know that fireflies hung around way before that summer.

As I stated above, I first seeing them in the summer of 2015. I mention summer specifically because this is a thing that happens by my grandmother’s house only. I always used to spend the summers there. At first I saw them every other night. The were only off in the distance at that. Summer of 2016 rolls around I start seeing them inside of the house too; mostly dancing around the pictures on the walls or near the mirror and the light fixture. These are their three favorite spots. 

This continued thorough 2017 and I now have even more proof that it can’t be fireflies because it happened in the fall months too.

The thing about these things is that they aren’t evil or frightening. I mean it’s been three years and they haven’t done anything. That said, they aren’t good per say either. They just kind of are.

I just have no clue what they could be.”

By: @bellatrixobsessed1