I had a shadow friend

“So I live in Utah. Specifically Taylorsville. I moved here around 6 years ago and when I did, we moved into a two floor house in the middle of a very boring neighborhood. Our house didn’t have a garage because the landlord/ property owner got rid of it to expand the house. The rest of my family had their rooms upstairs, while mine was where the garage used to be. It even had the original door that would have divided the garage and house. It was a heavy, solid wood. I know this might all sound useless and like filler, but it comes into play.

So, about a month into moving into the house, I had started to self harm. I’ve always been depressed, and sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with depression and suicidal tendencies (Yes by a trained professional). When I started however, I would get this feeling of being watched. No one was in the room of course, it was just me alone in my bed. But that feeling was always there.

A little bit later into living there and got no to school, my depression got worse. And that was about the time when I started seeing the shadow in my room. It wasn’t this big, looking shadow that haunted my every waking moment. It just, hung out. And it felt calming. Like it was just there for me. Like it knew what I was going through. I didn’t bring it up to my parents cause I figured they wouldn’t believe me.

But it didn’t take long for other stuff to start happening. Remember my thick, heavy door? One time I was sitting at my desk and it slammed open. You couldn’t blame it on the wind because my window was closed. And it took a bit of force to slam that door. There was another time where my mom said she was home alone doing laundry and she heard a door upstairs slam closed. There was a night where we were at our neighbors house that lived behind us. We were sitting in our backyard and she looked over and asked who was in our house. Apparently she had seen someone walk past a window upstairs. One night I was laying in bed facing the wall and I felt what I thought was my mom sit on the edge of my bed. Of course I turn around and no ones there. It never got dangerous of course, it was just little things.

Fast forward a couple months and my brother and I are laying out in the backyard, just talking about whatever. My mom comes out and tells us that the people who lived in this house before us had a son that was depressed. There was a night where he threatened to kill himself with a knife, so him Mom called the cops. He ended up freaking out the cops with the knife and was shot and killed on our doorstep. That was when I finally told my mom about the shadow in my room and the feeling it gave off. We figured that since I was depressed and suicidal, the entity was just trying to keep me company.

I’ve since moved out of that house. It was too cramped for a family of five. But sometimes I drive by it and kinda wish I could see me shadow friend again. He was nice.”

By: @inappropriate-dad-jokes