“First: a little backstory to explain. I am Muslim. My (huge) family tree is Muslim. One of our beliefs: there are spirits called ‘Jinn.’ They don’t inhabit the living world, but they visit. They are unseen spirits. Spooky, right? Anyway. Sometimes kids can see/speak to them. Now, the story.

I was visiting my cousins (on my aunt’s side). They have two 18 year old boys and a seven year old boy. We had just come back from dinner. The little boy (we’ll call him John) walked in first after his mom unlocked the house door. He turned and waved at a plant in a dark sitting room. We thought nothing of it.

Later on, his siblings went into the living room to watch TV while he stayed in the sitting room. I left, but watched him from behind a door. He turns and starts talking to the plant. It’s a full convo with replies and body language.

Getting creeped out, I tell one of his older brothers. He tells me, and I quote, ‘Yeah, he does that sometimes. I woke up late at night to use the bathroom a couple times and saw him talking to the plant. Once, I walked in and asked him who he was talking to. He said ‘a friend’. When I told him to go to sleep, he turned to the plant and said ‘bye! I’ll see you tommorow!’.’

Me and his brother were creeped out. Then, a thought arose. ‘What if he was talking to the plant to help it grow?’ I said. His brother replied ‘Once, he brought some candy and put it on the couch near the plant. He told me it was for his ‘friend who sits by the plant’.’

Me and his brother decide to move the plant for one night. We don’t tell him. He wasn’t even home! We find him by the couch later. We put down a recorder to see what he says to his ‘friend.’ 

Here’s what John says: ‘Hello. I’m good, you? Why? Who moved it? But why would they? I’m sorry. I’ll try to get it back for you. Did you like the candy? Sorry, I didn’t know. I’ll go ask them for the plant.’

He comes up to us (in the other room) and asks why we moved the plant. We didn’t tell him we moved the plant. No one else was around to tell him. How did he figure it out we did it?”

By: Picklestasteg00d (What is the most unexplained,
supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?