“I was a home health nurse taking care of a girl dying from advanced AIDS. This was in the early 90’s. She was legally blind and in such bad shape it took 2 nurses to bathe her and change her bed. 

Another nurse was with me and this girl asked her who that man was who was standing behind her. She described him as thin, reddish hair, baseball cap, jeans. This other nurse turned utterly white, just stopped what she was doing and left the room (we were almost done anyway). 

When I went outside, the nurse pulled an old picture out of her wallet. The pic showed a guy almost exactly the same as the girl described. Her dad had died years ago, when she was a kid. The patient died within the next few days. I’d call BS, but the other nurse was literally shaking and had never even been to that patient’s house before.”

By: Phyfador (What is the most unexplained,
supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?