What happened when the author of ‘The Exorcist…

While working on
his book, author William Peter Blatty became convinced that demonic possession
was very real indeed.

Often cited as “the scariest movie ever made,” The
, based on the 1973 novel by William Peter Blatty, brought the
Catholic Rite of Exorcism to the big screen with its unforgettable tale of a
possessed 12-year old girl, her mother’s desperate search for help and the
priests that eventually come to her aid.

What some may not recall from the film is the role a
Ouija board plays in Regan’s possession. Early in the movie, Regan’s mother
Chris asks her daughter if she knows how to use the family Ouija board, and
Regan answers that she plays with “Captain Howdy.”

“Who is Captain Howdy?” asks Chris.

“You know. Captain Howdy. I ask the questions and he
gives the answers!”

Blatty, who died earlier this year, acknowledged in a
1972 interview with British journalist Ray Connolly that
while finishing his book The Exorcist, he had a personal experience
with a Ouija board that convinced him that he was communicating with some kind
of spirit.

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