Ruby The Haunted Doll: Meet the Sad Artifact T…

Ruby The Haunted Doll: Meet the Sad Artifact That Proves Not All Haunted Objects Are Evil:

Ruby had been a family heirloom for a handful of generations, though as the years wore on, Meghan’s family had become less and less welcoming of having Ruby as a house guest. One look at her and it’s easy to understand why they might not want her on display in their homes, but her appearance wasn’t the only reason that Ruby had spent the last several decades stored away in boxes, storage units, and musty basements.

According to the family, the well-worn heirloom came with all the usual features of a creepy haunted doll. It moved around the room seemingly of its own accord, produced strange sounds, and generally terrified and disgusted anyone with the slightest belief in the supernatural. Ruby, though, had another unique ability: she seemed to make anyone in her immediate vicinity feel ill.