Headless woman on a white horse among Cumbria’…

Headless woman on a white horse among Cumbria’s phantom sightings:

Other strange occurrences in Cumbria include the following:

“Driving along Clive Street on a dark rainy night, a driver and his daughter spotted a male figure crossing the road in a diagonal path from left to right. As the driver slowed to let him cross, the figure just vanished.”

“While exploring the empty ruins of the Roman Fort, two people heard the sound of marching. One of the couple reported it sounded like boots on a hard surface, even though the area is covered in grass. The footsteps lasted no more than 20 seconds before fading away.”

“[Sightings of a] creature, reportedly part hedgehog, part squirrel, and part bumblebee, has been reported on and off over the past one hundred years.”

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