Detroit Suburbanites Add Value to Their House …

Detroit Suburbanites Add Value to Their House by Declaring It Haunted:

Built in 1845, the Orson Starr House is allegedly haunted
by farmer and cowbell maker Starr … as well as his loyal canine companion. From
the Detroit Free Press story, “We have an older man down in the basement,
we’ve heard children laughing and there’s a woman that people have heard as
well,” said Candace Isaacson, treasurer of the Royal Oak Historical
Commission, of the house.

Isaacson, 50, is a member of a Warren-based, 15-member
club of ghost-hunting hobbyists called Into the Afterlife Paranormal. She
considers herself an experienced investigator of things that go bump, or bark,
in the night.

“We actually had a German shepherd caught on film,
years ago, in the coal chute, if you can believe it. That’s in the file,”
Isaacson said.

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