Alleged Victims of MKUltra Brainwashing Launch…

Alleged Victims of MKUltra Brainwashing Launch Class-Action Lawsuit:

While bringing justice to those responsible for this abuse of power has proven difficult due to the fact that much of the documentation surrounding MKUltra was destroyed decades ago, the records of one McGill University professor have led to a class-action lawsuit filed by the families of alleged victims of MKUltra. The lawsuit claims that Dr. Ewan Cameron, a psychologist at McGill’s Alan Memorial Institute in Montreal, conducted mind-control experiments involving LSD and electroshock therapy on unwitting patients who were seeking treatment for minor psychological issues.

“These were innocent people that went in for mild depression. They came out completely ravaged and their life was ruined,” saysMarlene Levenson, who claims her aunt was an unwitting victim of Dr. Cameron’s MKUltra experiments. Many of the other plaintiffs in the suit cite similar cases of family members seeking routine treatments only to be subjected to some of the most experimental, controversial, and destructive brain-altering techniques available at the time.