Woman Tells Horrifying Story About “Demon” She…


Carly was on Dublin’s 98FM to share her story about
“the mystery of the staring cat” which at first doesn’t sound so bad
until you understand what the cat was actually staring at… 

She was on a walk up through the Dublin Mountains and
went into the famous Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill. 

It was originally built in 1725 as a hunting lodge for a
Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, William Connolly. As the story goes,
“when he passed away in 1729 the lodge was taken over by an unruly young
man who’d been banned from every public house in the city. From then on the
Hell Fire Club became a location where hedonistic behavior was encouraged and
welcomed, and it was a hot bed for all sorts of illegal activity such as
drinking, gambling and Satanism." 

And if that’s not enough of a reason to stay clear of the
place, Carly’s might be. 

reading at Lovin Dublin.