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The Many Apparitions of the U.S. Hotel

The U.S Hotel in Hollidaysburg, PA was originally built as an inn and tavern in 1835. The original building burnt down in 1871, but was rebuilt over a decade later, and went through many owners over several decades. By the 1990s, the historic tavern was in disrepair, and new owners Karen and Jason Yoder decided to restore it to its former glory. It is during these massive renovations that strange figures, varying from off-putting to downright threatening, began to appear. 

Soon after construction took off, employees and construction workers began to hear footsteps and disembodied laughter. A contractor, who had been staying overnight on site, once awoke to find a white woman floating above his bed. This was only the first of many ghastly figures to plague those who worked at the hotel and restaurant.

During a paranormal investigation, Ghost Research Foundation member Patty Wilson had a sudden panic attack in the upstairs bedroom. Later, four investigators witnessed a red-haired woman lying in that same bed, clutching her head in pain. Later that night, another investigator screamed for everyone to get out of the building. He later revealed he had seen the apparition of a man holding an ax. 

Jason Yoder has seen a small boy sitting on the stairs. Several employees and customers have witnessed many apparitions of people in 1800s period dress. A frantic bride had also been seen by many, and her description matches that of the woman in pain. A few women have separately witnessed a ghostly old man watching them “lecherously.” 

Employees have reported dishes breaking, and utensils flying out of their hands. Several customers have reported hearing children’s laughter and feeling brushed. The sounds of a disembodied party are also heard both upstairs and down. 

The shear number of spirits that have been witnessed at the U.S. Hotel give claim that it may in fact be truly haunted.