The “Scary Dairy” of Camarillo, CA

The “Scary Dairy” of Camarillo, CA:

There is something inherently spooky about abandoned farm buildings. Remote, hulking, and isolated, their weathered remains have the feeling of a drifting ghost ship or a deserted space station, making one wonder, “What happened here?” And if those buildings were on a farm that was worked by patients of an early-20th-century mental hospital? That might sound like a deleted subplot from the second season of American Horror Story, but it’s actually the real backstory of what’s come to be known as the “Scary Dairy.”

On the paranormal activity reported at the “Scary
Dairy,” from Backpackerverse: 

Haunted Activity at the Scary Dairy

For the serious ghost hunter or paranormal
investigator, the Scary Dairy of Camarillo is a bit of a jackpot. It’s home to
numerous cold spots, especially around the tanks that still stand just
outside the main building. Small objects left lying out, especially keys, are
almost invariably found moved or missing when their owner returns. A few people
have even reported seeing them move on their own.

One team used a thermal camera and spotted what
appeared to be a tendril of mist forming around an antique handcuff key that
they left out as bait. In the morning when they returned, the key had fallen to
the ground. They were unable to see on the camera footage when exactly this

Spirits able to exert a physical influence on the mortal
world are exceedingly rare, and their presence points to a very strong
concentration of paranormal energy. Ghosts tend to wax and wane
in power depending on where they are found, more than the
circumstances of their own death.

Some experts postulate that the land upon which the
Mental Hospital and the Scary Dairy were built has a deeper, darker past.

Animal Ghosts at the Scary Dairy

One wonders if perhaps the cows and other dairy animals
are still present in a spectral form.

At the Scary Dairy, it seems entirely possible that the
tight clustering of animals combined with the paranormal activity already
present. Such a confluence of ghostly energy could potentially allow
for at least a few of them to remain on the scene, albeit in a diminished form.

Most likely, these poor creatures are confused and
entirely unaware of their surroundings. Unlike the human victims of
the Scary Dairy, these spectral cows and other creatures are almost certainly