The Longest Full ‘Blood Moon’ Of The Century I…

The Longest Full ‘Blood Moon’ Of The Century Is Happening This Month:

On July 27, lucky stargazers will see the longest total
lunar eclipse of the 21st century ― also known as a blood moon. The nearly
two-hour total eclipse will be visible to people in parts of Africa,
the Middle East and Asia, according to NASA.

Blood moons are not unusual occurrences. Still, these
dramatic celestial events have inspired both awe and alarm throughout the
centuries ― including among some fringe segments of American Christianity that
take the appearance of blood moons to be a sign that the apocalypse is drawing


While most Christians do not see eclipses as a sign of the end
times, July’s upcoming blood moon has already garnered interest in several
Christian publications ― including The Christian Broadcasting Network and The Christian Post. 

The biblical basis for blood moon prophecies is often
traced to Joel 2:31, a Bible verse that predicts, “The sun shall be
turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of
the Lord comes.”

Paul Begley, a Baptist pastor from Indiana with a
significant following on YouTube, told his followers in a recent video
that he doesn’t believe July 27 will be the end of the world. Still, he said
the upcoming blood moon could be a sign that “these are the last days.”