The Top Ten Safest Countries during a Zombie A…

The Top Ten Safest
Countries during a Zombie Attack

The Zombie Research Society’s analysis of countries most
likely to weather a global zombie pandemic took into account dozens of
different factors, including population density, climate, topography,
gun-ownership rate, military capability, natural resources, and public
infrastructure. It’s important to note that only nations with a population over
5 million were included in this study, and the explanation for each ranking
below is just a brief highlight of what was considered. 

A favorably small population and many natural defenses
help Sweden capture the tenth spot. Its military is well trained, well
equipped, and solely focused on national defense.

The eighth largest country in the world by land mass,
Argentina is sandwiched by the Andes Mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Its
urbanization keeps it from climbing higher on the list.

The Finnish benefit from being surrounded by other
countries strong in zombie survivability, and their low population density of
just 41 people per square mile doesn’t hurt either.

Norway came in second in Gold Medals at the 2010 Winter
Olympics, showing they know how to thrive in icy conditions. A lot of snowy
land and a few hearty people is a recipe for survival.

With mountains to protect from their neighbors, and the
worst economy in South America, Bolivian’s are used to managing without modern
conveniences and can ably fend for themselves.

Borat made the whole world laugh at this little country,
but Kazakhstan may get the last laugh. The rugged terrain, formidable climate
and an extremely low population density are key survival factors.

Low population density, huge land barriers, and a
battle-tested people give Russia the number four spot. If the Nazis couldn’t
take Leningrad, there’s no reason to think Nazi zombies will.

With over eighty-three people per square mile, the U.S.
is considerably more dense than any other country in the top five, but its
heavily armed citizenship is more ready for battle than most.

Though its thirty-five million residents are packed along
a thin strip at the country’s southern border, gun ownership is common, and
there’s plenty of room to head north when the stuff hits the fan.

This vast nation grabs the top spot because of its
population density of just 7.5 people per square mile, and the fact that it has
the world’s biggest moat surrounding it on all sides.

New Zealand’s population of just 4.5 million falls short
of our minimum criteria in this study, but it gets an honorable mention nod for
excelling in several of the same areas as Australia.