What does science say about ‘paranormal’ sleep…

What does science say about ‘paranormal’ sleep experiences?:

If you believe in the paranormal you might not be
surprised if you hear stories of deceased loved ones appearing during the
night, huge explosions heard just as someone is drifting off with no obvious
cause, and other peculiar occurrences. But what if you don’t?

, who researches reports of paranormal experiences, told stories of
countless people who had recounted such events. These experiences tended to
start while lying in bed.

Then something unusual would happen – perhaps a demon
would appear or the environment would seem strange or there would be a sensed
presence. The person having this experience might also report being glued to
their mattress, tarmacked into the bed, totally unable to move.

It’s unsurprising that people who experience such things
might interpret them as paranormal. But certain phenomena such as sleep
paralysis provide an alternative to paranormal explanations for such