Paranormal Investigator Arrested for Shooting …

Paranormal Investigator Arrested for Shooting Gun at ‘Ghost’ – Coast to Coast AM:

According to a local media report, the weird event occurred in late July when Christian Devaux called 911 in the town of Tolland to report a masked, rifle-wielding intruder in his home. In the midst of the call, the ghost hunter was apparently so frightened by the would-be burglar that he fired off two gunshots at the figure.

However, when officers arrived, they were baffled to find that there were no signs of any break-in at the home nor any indication of something amiss when a police dog was enlisted to look for strange scents. When investigators noted inconsistencies with the ballistic evidence as compared to Devaux’s account of what took place, he mused to them that “there are some things he just can’t explain, like seeing ghosts.” The ghost hunter went on to explain his work as a paranormal investigator and that he’d recently encountered a spirit during an expedition.

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