The Most Haunted Places in GeorgiaThe South is…

The Most Haunted
Places in Georgia

The South is known for its southern charm, especially in
places like Charlotte, New Orleans, and Savannah. The latter was founded in
1733, which means thousands flock to Georgia every year to take in the old
buildings, walk the historic streets, and get a little taste of what colonial
living might have been like. Underneath all the charm, however, there are
stories of murder, tragedy, and mysterious hauntings.

And now that it’s October, a month where people actively
seek out the best places in America to terrify themselves for some
reason, you’ll have lots of options for places that are setup to give you a
quick-but-safe scare. This is not a list of those places; this is a list of
actually haunted places around Georgia that might give you a scare you we’re
never expecting. Good luck! We’re not coming with you.

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