Random Event Generator (REG) Outcomes at the Burnt Mills West…

Random Event Generator (REG) Outcomes at the Burnt Mills West Special Park Ghost Expedition 2018: Emergence of Possible Signatures?

Graphical displays of Random Event Generator (REG) experiment results captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at Burnt Mills West Special Park Sep 29-30 2018.

The Burnt Mills West Special Park

Ghost Expedition was conducted as part of the National Ghost Hunting Day (NGHD) experiment to build a global “consciousness bridge.”  The NGHD event involved synchronized paranormal investigations occurring from 10 pm – 12 am EST with connectivity provided by streaming services and social media.

Random Event Generators (REGs) are statistical devices commonly employed in parapsychology to test mind-matter interactions, specifically microscopic psychokinesis (micro-pk) activity.

  • REGs generate a random walk from a sequence of 200-bit trials per second of binary [0,1] events. [The device flips a coin 200 times per second] 
  • The bits are generated by random or unpredictable fluctuations in voltages as electrons tunnel through a barrier in a diode.  High and low voltage samples are converted into 0 or 1 bits
  • A simple random walk is obtained by cumulating the errors (or normalized errors) from each series of bit trials. For some purposes, e.g. “goodness of fit” statistics, it is convenient to compute the cumulative error squared 
  • REGs also display a parabolic boundary at the 95% confidence level.  Hence random walks have a 1 in 20 chance of ending outside parabola bounds

At Princeton University, REGs were used to study global consciousness fields as part of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program spanning nearly three decades.  This global network of REGs is now managed by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP).

National Ghost Hunting Day has leveraged the GCP network of REG’s as part of its annual event since 2016.  A parapsychology researcher (Williams) used GCP REGs in proximity to NGHD investigation locations 

For NGHD 2018, the Maryland Paranormal Research ® REG experiment began before prior to communications checks over the conferencing network, which were scheduled at 9.30 pm.

  • The epoch commenced at 9:15 pm generating random walk trending above and below baseline levels that was characterized by a medium-high Z score (-1.033), and was statistically significant at the 16% level (one-tailed test), suggesting medium-high levels of psi functioning
  • Above baseline trending reached a peak and turning point around 10.25 pm as the first round of six standard questions were near complete. The crossover from above to below baseline trending occurred around 11.28 pm, prior to the close of the event at midnight.  The downtrend then continued through much of the remainder of the investigation, punctuated with occasional rest periods

Nonetheless, results continue to lend support for implicit psi, and for the notion that a “consciousness bridge” during the 

Burnt Mills West Special Park Ghost Expedition and NGHD 2018 event.  The psi functioning is implicit, working on subliminal or unconscious levels. The conscious focus of participants is on the engagement itself

  • However, it is  not possible to precisely know the sources of psi functioning (or field effects) on the REG, whether from post-mortem agencies or living agencies (experiment participants and/or experimenters themselves). 
  • REG results in isolation can’t provide evidence of a haunting. A haunting involves recurring activity experienced in varied physical forms seemingly sourced to post-mortem agencies, appearing to have an affinity for a location or parts of a location
  • Instead REG results may be conservatively interpreted as a consciousness bridge that at least bears some relation to efforts to communicate with post-mortem agencies, the attention and focus given to that communication, and perhaps from the communications themselves
  • The outcomes seen here are not unlike those encountered when REGs are positioned near sporting and concert events, where implicit psi from crowd engagement and attention appears to drive REG trending

The direction of bit scoring or trending in REGs is not fully understood and requires continuing experimentation  

  • Various studies suggest it may be correlated with: goal orientation or intention; emotional states; the (psychological) valence of events; the extent of attention and focus; and innate psi ability
  • In linguistics and the semantic framing around graphs, “up” is considered “good” and “down” is considered “bad.” This kind of meaning, while natural, may not fit all circumstances affecting above or below baseline REG trending
  • If sustained REG downtrends were a signature for post-mortem agency (ghosts), this would imply that low-voltage sampling/scoring is somehow easier for this form of agency.  However that is an unknown

  • Until more is known, the statistical significance of a trend perhaps matters more than its direction


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Burnt Mills Flour Mill prior to its demolition – Figure 1. (c 1928).  From Beall, J.R. (1931). The history and construction of the mill at Burnt Mills, Maryland. Initiation Thesis. Records of Phi Mu Fraternity, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.  University of Maryland, College Park.  Hosted at archive.org

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