Salem Village Parsonage – Witch Trials Epicent…

Salem Village Parsonage – Witch Trials Epicenter:

Something wicked this way came in early 1692, when the Reverend Samuel Parris’s daughter Betty and niece Abigail Williams embarked upon the massive pre-adolescent freakout that would lead to the execution of 20 people and the imprisonment of many more.

The Salem Village Parsonage, in modern-day Danvers, is where it all went down. While the parsonage was built in 1681 (and first housed one George Burroughs, an unfortunate cleric who was later himself accused of witchcraft and hanged), it was torn down by the late 18th century in a state of near-collapse. Only the foundations—and a creepy neighborhood cat with a twitchy tail and eyes that follow you—remain today.

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