Witness Report: I Encountered a Six-Foot Dogma…

Sightings of “dogmen”, upright-walking canines that often resemble the iconic werewolf, have been rising over the last decade. While the eyewitness encounters with these creatures range from the bizarre, to the downright terrifying, most reports are fairly recent, usually appearing after the Beast of Bray Road legend began to take hold of the popular consciousness, leading skeptics to believe that most stories of giant dog-monsters are simply tall tales piggybacking on the popularity of Wisconsin’s beast. Fortunately, the occasional tale pops up that pre-dates the current dogman explosion.

Our latest witness report comes from a man who claims to have encountered a dogman in Germany back in the 70s, and goes into some great detail not just about its appearance, but how he believes the creature might be related to an ancient agrarian cult of farmland protectors.

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