Are ghosts real? Here are 7 of Knoxville, East…


Ghosts can be so, well, ghostly. But several Knoxville buildings are known as the homes of spirits.

Here are the stories of some of Knoxville’s most haunted spots, plus two scary East Tennessee spots:

Bijou Theatre

If any downtown Knoxville building should be haunted, it’s the Bijou Theatre, formerly called the Lamar House. Completed around 1817, the 803 S. Gay St. building’s been a tavern, hotel, storefront, Civil War hospital, brothel, restaurant and theater.

Civil War Union Gen. William P. Saunders died in the Lamar Hotel bridal suite. He’d been brought to the hotel turned Civil War hospital after he was shot during fighting Nov. 18, 1863.

But it’s the spirits of others who’ve been heard or seen through the years. Footsteps, early morning flashes of light and a ghostly man walking up stairs have been reported. Items fall from or get moved around shelves. The spirit of a vaudeville-era technician has been heard.

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