Doctors And Nurses Share The Creepiest Last Wo…

Doctors And Nurses Share The Creepiest Last Words They’ve Ever Heard:

[In] his last day, hours, moments, he was angry. The
family called me into the room and told me they thought he was going. He wasn’t
responding: Cheyne-Stokes breaths, eyes glossy, and skin cold – the end was
imminent. His lovely mother, in her dearest attempt, whispered to him to go
towards the light, to her Jesus. He opened his eyes,
looked at her and said, “F*** your Jesus!!!”

A second or two later, he slowly turned his head to the
left and got the most horrific look on his face, as if he was looking at
something we couldn’t see. Eyes wide, his face contorted, and with
his last breath he screamed, “Oh s***, oh s***, OH NOOOOOOO!!!!”

He then made a guttural noise and promptly fell back into
the bed and died. Every family member was shaking and too frightened to speak. I
left the room and took the next two days off. I don’t care if I never find out
what he saw.