Prehistoric Cemetery: Necropolis of Son Real

Prehistoric Cemetery: Necropolis of Son Real:

Located just
steps from the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Majorca, the
Necropolis of Son Real (Necròpoli de Son Real) is a sprawling prehistoric
burial ground used from the Iron Age up through the Roman era. 

The oldest tombs in this ancient necropolis—which
stretches over 8,600 square feet on the Punta des Fenicis, a small headland in
the Bay of Alcudia—date back to the 7th century BC, to the time of the
Talaiotic culture on the Balearic Islands. More than 130 tombs have been
found in the cemetery so far, containing the human remains of over 300
bodies. Many of the later tombs—those from around the 5th century BCE—are
unusually shaped, resembling small ships or horseshoes.

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