8 Spooky Places to Explore in L.A.

8 Spooky Places to Explore in L.A.:

There are certain places where dark, tragic history still hangs in the air, even generations after anything violent has taken place. Or maybe nothing gruesome took place in that particular room (that we know of), but something about the place still just seems spooky and strange. Los Angeles, with its seedy and scandalous underbelly, has many such spots–including quite a few that, some people say, are still haunted by unsettled spirits.

Here’s a guide to eight places in L.A. that you can explore and find out for yourself, from the old stone mansion where a still-unexplained double-murder took place in 1928, to the building that housed one of the city’s most infamous speakeasies–and where gangsters were said to carry out hits and stash the evidence.

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