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Finding a Muse in the Supernatural

Finding a Muse in the Supernatural:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a community in Nevada that doesn’t possess a local legend or two. This is especially true of the state’s many ghost towns, nearly all of which are said to be haunted by former residents. With Goldfield, Tonopah, and Fish Lake Valley on the itinerary for days three and four of their journey from Las Vegas to Reno on “The Fellowship of Highway 95”—a week-long artistic collaboration on Nevada’s “Free-Range Art Highway”, organized by Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada—the collage artist Francesca Berrini and the photographer Lindsey Rickert were heading deep into “ghost country,” as Berinni described it in the day’s travel journal.

One Artist’s Mission to Illustrate All the Wor…

One Artist’s Mission to Illustrate All the World’s Mythical Beasts:

Every culture has its own distinctive mythological
beasts. In Brazil, there’s the Headless Mule, a cursed creature whose
decapitated head hovers above a fire-spewing neck as it gallops across the
country. From Japan, the Kotobuki is a Zodiac Frankenstein’s monster: it
consists of all 12 signs, from the nose of the rat to the tail of the snake.
Peru has the Huayramama, which looks like a vast snake plus the billowing hair
and face of an old woman.

With such rich and broad source material to draw from,
the artist Iman Joy El Shami-Mader has lately been pursuing one very particular
goal: she wants to illustrate as many mythical beasts as she can find. Since
October 2017, El Shami-Mader has been illustrating one such creature a day,
which she then features on her Instagram account. To keep
up a steady supply of beasts to draw, El Shami-Mader initially worked from books.
“It all started with the book Phantasmagoria—which is great—but
there are many creatures that are only mentioned in passing or without any
description at all,” she says. So she ordered more books, researched online,
and tried her local library. “I’m from a tiny town in the Alps, so other than
local creatures, there was little to be found.”

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Story Submission by Facebook User: Graeme H…

Story Submission by Facebook User:


Hello, I’m Graeme. I had an experience when I was 4 years old in Ontario, Canada on the Bruce Peninsula at our cottage. I was in a pond playing around in the water and I saw three ghostly white objects that ran down on the beach from the southeast and I literally got grabbed by the three objects, and I was in front of the pond on the shore, next to the one I was playing in the ghosts manifested into three Native Americans. They looked ages 24, 5, and 36 – the 24 year old looked like a Native girl with really long black hair. She was standing with her daughter with shoulder length hair with bangs and the father had hair in a braid. The 24 year old with the long hair was wearing a white doeskin dress along with her daughter, who was wearing doeskins and the father as well. 

I saw the father throw a rock into the lake and make the daughter go get it. I got the ghosts name with the long hair her name is Shanaondwa, she told me it was like talking to real people.

I literally found the rock in real life that the father threw in the lake.

In 2008, on a hot July day, I walked down the back-trail into the forest and I started to mumble to my self old woman and in front of me I saw this white ghost manifesting on the trail with long black hair and It was Shanaondwa coming for a second visit when I was 17. She spoke to me and gave me a hug and we talked for a while and I could see her daughter dressed in bown doeskins and clearly make out her moccasins on her feet and a the shine of her hair. I saw she had a blue necklace on, and I saw them boiling sap or something behind them they let my by and Shanaondwa met me up with her other friend Mikawrethewa. She told me to run, I found my self trapped in the forest and once I got out I could see Shanaondwa again I could actually touch her hair. I and she walked around an old tree stump, and they told me to run. I ran and I looked behind, and I saw bloodshed on the back trail with an enemy tribe invading the other and I went into a trance and I felt my self walking backwards, and all I can see if red and that ended, and I saw the little daughter of Shanaondwas walking up the trail and I saw my self running with Shanaondwa’s friend she was wearing doeskins too. She asked me if I do fishing or hunting. I said no, and once I got out to the beach. I could see a freed fog coming from the forest and it lifted, and it was gone.

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posthorn: It’s all true… (Recently declassifie…


It’s all true…

(Recently declassified USAF documents detail “Project 1794”, an attempt by the Air Force to build a flying saucer with a top speed of Mach 4 and a range of 4,000 nautical miles)

joekyo: 轆轤首 – Rokurokubi (potter wheel neck) R…


轆轤首 – Rokurokubi (potter wheel neck)

Rokurokubi are normal women by day, but at night they gain the ability to stretch their necks to ridiculous proportions.

It is said that rokurokubi live undetected during daylight and may even take mortal husbands trying to keep their demonic forms secret. They are tricksters by nature, however, and their compulsion to frighten and spy on human beings is hard to resist. Some rokurokubi thus resort to revealing themselves only to drunks, the sleeping, or the blind in order to satisfy these urges.

Other stories say that the rokurokubis were humans who had broken Buddhist law. They feast on the blood, favoring that of those who had also broken religious doctrine.







The apparition of an old woman, from an illu…

The apparition of an old woman, from an illustration in a Strand Magazine article of readers’ ghost stories.