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It started one night

“I have always had paranormal experiences. My family has stories from when I was a little girl that prove that. I have only had one (long) experience that really stuck with me. I still think about it and it has been a long time.

Back story: I had just recently gotten out of a terrible, abusive 5-year relationship and was living close to my best friend at another friends house with my dog (big black lab). I spent a lot of time out to keep myself occupied. The house I was staying in was strange, all of the rooms were connected into a large circle on the upper level and then there were stairs that lead to a basement in the kitchen. I stayed in a guest room on the upper level and there were random things in my room. There was a dresser with a mirror on top in front of the bed and the bed frame itself had a mirror built in.

It started one night while I was at my best friend’s house. My friend has also always had paranormal experiences her entire life. We were the only ones in her house and we were sitting on her bed watching TV with the lights out. Everything was normal for a few hours and all of a sudden, the light switch in the hallway turned on by itself. We looked at each other, nothing new or too concerning and then she got up and turned the light off. Little did I know this was just the beginning.

Fast forward 2 days or so. I had been out all night and I laid down in bed with my dog. I was almost asleep when I felt something small jump on the bed. I felt little foot prints climb all the way up to my chest. The only way I can describe it is how it feels when a cat jumps up on the bed. I reached down, not thinking much of it since my friend had cats…there was nothing there to touch.

After that night I would lay in bed and see shadows passing over the mirrors in my room. They were dark shadows and would completely black out everything. I would hear knocking on my bedroom door when no one was home and people calling my name when no one was home. I felt watched everywhere I went. It was happening so often that I was used to it (more so then before) and found myself ignoring it as much as possible.

One weekend the friend I was staying with and her family left for the weekend. I didn’t want to be alone so I invited my best friend over to keep me company. We noticed a few weird things, the cat was crying out and forcibly trying to get into my room, weird noises etc. When we decided to call it a night is when shit started to get real. We had been laying down for maybe 10 minutes when my friend mentioned she felt watched and was uncomfortable. She got up to go to the kitchen and before I could get up to follow she screamed my name at the top of her lungs ‘YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW’. I flew into the kitchen and standing there was a black mass that engulfed the entire side of the room. It moved slowly into the dining room as if it was watching for our reactions. At that point we decided we would leave. We grabbed a few things and went to the back door. I stopped in front of the basement stairs because something was drawing me down. I heard something call my name and then it started laughing at me. I wish I could explain this laugh, it was distorted almost like it was coming from a radio but loud enough to hurt your ears. Then it ran up the stairs at me, I could hear it stomping on each step.

I stayed at her house that night.

The night before I moved out was just as bad. I hadn’t even started packing and of l course I stayed out really late. When I came back I sat on my bed and my dog was laying on the bed next to me. It was silent in the house. I noticed my dog was acting weird, he was staring at the closet (which was just covered by curtains, there were no doors) and he kept growling really low. I tried to see what we was looking at when the curtains flew up to the ceiling and everything I owned came crashing out of the closet. The curtains fell back down and I could see something moving behind them.

My dog hid under the bed the rest of the night.”

By: @hypn0ticparadox

Footsteps at Night

“So in my old house I use to live in, there was this long hallway where all the rooms were. My room was at the very end by my parents’. Then it was my sister’s near the beginning of the hallway.

When I was around 5-6, I don’t know why but I kept my door wide open at night. I remember having a feeling I needed to for some reason. I also remember having a feeling of playing a game with someone (or something). The game was simple. I needed to stay still while it was quiet, and was only allowed to move when the a/c or heater came on (making a very loud noise) while trying to sleep. But I knew it if I moved and made and noise, something very bad was going to happen. While I played this game, while trying to sleep, I would hear footsteps coming down the hallway, s l o w l y. We had carpet yet it was loud and clear someone/something was walking. As it walked towards my room, I could feel a wave of dread. And every night the footsteps stopped at my door and there was never any noise of it walking away. I kept my body and head covered with my blankets so I wouldn’t see who or what was in the hallway. And I didn’t want to.

A few years back I told my sister, and she admitted to hearing those footsteps too. We asked our parents who denied ever getting up in the middle of the night to do that due to being heavy sleepers and not being awake at the time. We eventually sold the house but not before hearing doors slam and open when no one else was there, and things being moved by themselves at night. We even got a priest to come in and bless the house. The priest even told us there was something in the house. Glad we left that house.”

By: @maythetimelordswatchoveryou


“I’ve had quite a few scary incidents happen to me, but these are the top 5 scariest (some I cut and paste from my previous comments on other threads):

  1. I had just got done working out in my basement and was too lazy to go upstairs and use my normal shower so I decided to use the one in the basement. As I was shampooing my hair I heard a little girl singing outside of the bathroom door (mind you, I was home alone). I turned the water off and called out to see if anyone was down there and it stopped. I put the water back on and was rinsing off when it started up again but this time it just sounded like humming. I ran upstairs with shampoo still in my hair and never used that shower again.
  2. My brother, my ex-boyfriend and I were home alone one day and my ex and brother were playing video games in the basement. They came back upstairs and we were all sitting on the couch talking when we heard a loud bang in the basement. My ex, of course, sent me to go check out what the noise was. When I went downstairs, all the lights were on and there was a box (that had been resting securely on a table against the wall), in the middle of the floor.
  3. That same ex and I were hanging out in the basement one day watching Stand By Me when we heard running behind us. Thinking it was my dog, my ex called out her name but she wasn’t down there at all. So we were a little spooked but kept on watching the movie. A few minutes later, I see him look behind me with a terrified expression so I turn around and see a flesh colored blob dart into the laundry room. We left for the night and he never went back in my basement again.
  4. I was home alone one day while my dad was working and the rest of my family was upstate. I kept hearing running up and down my basement steps and up the stairs to my grandma’s part of the house. It was so loud that my dog eventually started to bark and I had to call my friend to come hang out with me. When my dad got home from work he went in the basement and came back up right away demanding to know why the picture of Jesus was upside down. I hadn’t done it, and when the rest of my family came back home they all said they did not do it either (my grandma and mom are really religious so they would never dream of doing something like that).
  5. My cousins and I went away for the weekend three years ago and were staying at this little hotel by the water. I slept with one of cousins in one bed and my other cousin (her sister), slept in the other bed. In the middle of the night on our last night there, I heard a loud bang as if something had fallen, followed by a little girl laughing and footsteps. The cousin who I was sharing the bed with screamed bloody murder and shook me to see if I heard it too, which I was pretending I hadn’t and my other cousin slept through the whole thing. The next morning she told us she had a weird dream that a little girl was running around the room pushing our stuff off the table.”

By: peacelovenirvana (What is the creepiest and most unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?)


“One typical morning, my husband got up and went to work. When he has to get up early, our Great Dane would get on the bed and sleep with me for the rest of the morning. Great Danes are huge as everyone knows–when she would stand up on the mattress, it would shake the whole bed and it felt just like 150-pound adult standing on the mattress. 

This one morning she stood up, circled around. I guessed couldn’t get comfortable so she jumped off the bed with a huge thud as you would expect from a dog her size. I heard her walk down the hallway (we had squeaky floors). I was kind of awake but had my eyes closed. 

I wasn’t ready to get up so I rolled over only to feel her still laying there fast asleep, even snoring a little. I had no idea who or what was standing on the bed and had jumped off. I was laying there kind of freaked out and wide awake. Then I heard a loud smack on my husband’s side of the bed. Just like someone smacking the palm of their hand on a wall. Then I heard another thud at the foot of the bed followed by what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway. It ended with a rustle of a plastic bag that was sitting in the dining room.

My dog immediately woke up and popped her head up and started growling. Then she fell back asleep… Thanks a lot, Lily. By this time I’m freaked out, but wondering, maybe there was no work that day and my husband was sent home early. I didn’t want to move, so I called his name. No response. 

I grabbed my phone and called him from under the sheets. I asked if he was home. He was still at work. He asked if everything was okay and I said that the house was creeping me out again. He said he wanted to tell me something but didn’t want to freak me out. I wanted him to tell me. 

He told me that that morning, he was sitting in the chair in the dining room, at the end of the hallway. He was bent over tying his shoes when he heard what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway toward him, at his face since he was bent over. He said he felt a breeze hit his face and immediately after he heard what sounded like someone stepping on a plastic bag. The same one at the end of the hallway. He said he saw it move. 

He had forgotten his lunch because he said he booked it out the door right after it happened… Oh yeah… Thanks for leaving me lol. That weirded me out so bad.”

By: sauerpatchkid (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?


“In [my old] house, frequently but not all the time, when you showered you could hear what sounded like a woman and sometimes a child drowning and screaming. My husband flew out of the shower covered in soap the first time he heard it. He even ripped part of the shower curtain. It upset me too much to be scared. I just made my shower short and tried to ignore it.

The first night we moved in, we heard LOUD angry whispering in the dining room. I don’t know what was up with that stupid dining room but it seems that’s where it is all focused on. It sounded like a large group of people whispering to each other. It was like that angry, spiteful whispering. When we started hearing it I was on the phone with my mom and I had to frequently stop what I was saying to listen to what was going on. My husband and I were freaking out. My mom was on the other side of the phone just laughing at us because we were screaming lol. It was really scary because it was our first experience in the house but now I look back at it and it was kind of funny.

I play the drums and guitar and I had set up the music room in our new home. I got it all set up and left the room and I could hear tap on each of my symbol and each TomTom. Then I heard each string on the guitar play Slowly one at a time E…B…G…D…A…E… That creeped me out, but I was starting to get used to the idea of being in a weird house. I was too chicken to go in and check it out, so I screamed from the hallway, “Stop touching my shit!!” NO ONE touches my Takamine. Not even ghosts. I will haunt you if you touch my instruments lol! I never heard them being messed with again in the six years we lived there.

In the apartment before this house, we could never sleep with the door open and we felt like we could never sleep with it shut. It was weird. My husband and I both felt the same way. It was like we had to leave the door open just a little bit. 

After a couple weeks of being there we started hearing what sounded like a little kid in the hallway. I had a strong feeling that it was a little girl. It made me really sad. I realized that when we left the door slightly open it felt more comfortable. I think she felt like she couldn’t come in, but needed to know there were grown-ups there. It made me really sad. More sad then scared. I’ve never had such a strong feeling without seeing anything. The feeling I had was so really specific. It made me wonder if the abused girl lived there at one point. 

One night my husband was out of town and it was time for me to go to bed. I knew he thought I sounded crazy, but when it was time for me to go to bed, I opened the door a little bit and said that it was okay and that she could come in if she needed to and not to be scared. I got an overwhelming feeling of comfort that night. I was a little worried about staying there alone since it was the first time I was alone since we were married. After that we really didn’t have a problem. 

About a year later I was reading reviews online of that apartment, because we really didn’t like it. It was pretty trashy and the managers were totally trailer. I was snooping through reviews and a few of them said they swear that place is haunted by children. It was really weird to read that! It kind of made me feel a little less crazy.”

By: sauerpatchkid (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?


“When I was 10 I was at my best friend, Tyler’s house. His family lived in a very nice house on a mountain in Georgia. Tyler always told me about the scary stuff happening at his house. Like how He would see eyes, his TV would turn off while watching it, you would hear drilling sounds and metal banging sounds and doors opening up, all the classic ghost stuff. I never believed him until this one time.

We were in his hot tub together for like an hour when suddenly I feel the most overwhelming feeling to get out. At that exact moment Tyler looks at me and says, ‘we need to get out now,’ and there was fear in his voice. We jump out and dry off and go inside pretty fast. as we go in, Tyler locks the door and tries to open it to be sure, it was locked. So we start going toward the big movie area that’s near the back door to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

When out of nowhere, we’re both hit by that fear again, we smell what smelled like a rotting animal, his DVD rack falls over and all the movies fly off and at the same time and the back door flies open. Needless to say we hauled ass upstairs to his OTHER movie room and made a fort out beanbags and chairs to defend ourselves from the paranormal enemy. From that moment on I believed in ghosts. And that’s not the only thing that’s happened at Tyler’s house.

EDIT: Bonus story but possible explanation for it: Tyler’s Dad was a hunter and he had a lot of really nice hunting gear. In particular he had some walkie talkies that me and Tyler loved to play with. One day Tyler and I had the walkie talkies and he was outside across the street with one, and I was looking out the window at him from inside. We’re talking about how cool they are when suddenly what sounds like glass breaking comes in over the walkie followed by a lot of static.

I’m looking at Tyler in confusion and he’s looking back at me from across the street when over the walkie we hear in the deepest and scariest voice I can remember, ‘how’s it going, scubafire4?’ (he said my real name) followed by another sound of glass breaking then it was gone. I always thought it was somebody who found the super random walkie channel me and my friend were on, and had been listening for a while but I don’t remember ever saying my name over it. So I don’t use walkie talkies much because of that.”

[Continued in a later comment]

“Another time Tyler, his older sister, his other friend and I were in the hot tub when we heard muffled drilling start coming from his house. His friend and I are confused as hell as to what it is so we look at Tyler and his sister but they’ve gone rigid and pale and have pure fear in their eyes.

I asked what the sound was and Tyler said ‘the ghost stole our drill and he sometimes uses it to scare us. We need to wait outside ‘til my parents get home.’ Now it’s almost 8 at night in late fall. I don’t want to wait outside in a hot tub for another 2 hours, I’m a cranky 10-year-old who doesn’t want to be bossed around by a ghost!

I get out and dry off. I walk up to the door and Tyler says, ‘don’t do it, you’re gonna make him mad!’ Well, I did it anyway. I open the door and go inside. About 5 feet left of the door is one of those little toy kitchen sets and on top of it is a box with about 10 to 20 plastic forks and spoons n’ shit in it. I go in a few more feet and the drilling stops and the air goes cold.

The box of plastic forks and spoons FLIES at me and they go everywhere the drilling starts again and it was louder and faster and it sounds like it’s right next to my ears, it was deafening (The doctor said I actually have 15% hearing loss in my left ear after this event). Everyone in the hot tub sees this happen through the window wall and they start screaming. I run back outside and the door slams behind me and locks on its own. The drilling stops and Tyler just says, ‘told you.’

2 hours later, his parents get home and see us outside still and ask ‘did the ghost lock you out?’ I shit you not this was a common thing in their house.

And the last thing that happened at Tyler’s house was that when I slept over there, I ALWAYS had a nightmare of that I would see a floating orb in the hallway. It would start moving and I would follow it into his basement and the Black knight ghost from Scooby Doo 2 would fly over and attack me. One day after sleeping over he decides to show me his dad’s workshop on the side of the house. It was raining outside so the best way to get there was the other door that went through the basement. So he takes me into the basement for the first time and sitting in the corner was a suit of armor. I noped the fuck out and told him to get an umbrella because there’s no way in hell I’m going into the basement. Tyler may have had a cool house, but fuck was it scary.”

By: scubafire4 (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?

I had a shadow friend

“So I live in Utah. Specifically Taylorsville. I moved here around 6 years ago and when I did, we moved into a two floor house in the middle of a very boring neighborhood. Our house didn’t have a garage because the landlord/ property owner got rid of it to expand the house. The rest of my family had their rooms upstairs, while mine was where the garage used to be. It even had the original door that would have divided the garage and house. It was a heavy, solid wood. I know this might all sound useless and like filler, but it comes into play.

So, about a month into moving into the house, I had started to self harm. I’ve always been depressed, and sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with depression and suicidal tendencies (Yes by a trained professional). When I started however, I would get this feeling of being watched. No one was in the room of course, it was just me alone in my bed. But that feeling was always there.

A little bit later into living there and got no to school, my depression got worse. And that was about the time when I started seeing the shadow in my room. It wasn’t this big, looking shadow that haunted my every waking moment. It just, hung out. And it felt calming. Like it was just there for me. Like it knew what I was going through. I didn’t bring it up to my parents cause I figured they wouldn’t believe me.

But it didn’t take long for other stuff to start happening. Remember my thick, heavy door? One time I was sitting at my desk and it slammed open. You couldn’t blame it on the wind because my window was closed. And it took a bit of force to slam that door. There was another time where my mom said she was home alone doing laundry and she heard a door upstairs slam closed. There was a night where we were at our neighbors house that lived behind us. We were sitting in our backyard and she looked over and asked who was in our house. Apparently she had seen someone walk past a window upstairs. One night I was laying in bed facing the wall and I felt what I thought was my mom sit on the edge of my bed. Of course I turn around and no ones there. It never got dangerous of course, it was just little things.

Fast forward a couple months and my brother and I are laying out in the backyard, just talking about whatever. My mom comes out and tells us that the people who lived in this house before us had a son that was depressed. There was a night where he threatened to kill himself with a knife, so him Mom called the cops. He ended up freaking out the cops with the knife and was shot and killed on our doorstep. That was when I finally told my mom about the shadow in my room and the feeling it gave off. We figured that since I was depressed and suicidal, the entity was just trying to keep me company.

I’ve since moved out of that house. It was too cramped for a family of five. But sometimes I drive by it and kinda wish I could see me shadow friend again. He was nice.”

By: @inappropriate-dad-jokes


“When I was about 15 my family bought a 200 year old house in the middle of nowhere VA that actually had a slave quarters in the back yard (we kept the lawnmower and weed eater and all our yard care stuff there).

The first night we stay in the house we come downstairs to find our front door wide open. My mother immediately claims the house is haunted and we’re being told to leave. I roll my eyes and go back to my room. Then weird crap starts happening throughout the house. 

In my bedroom: My computer cuts on in the middle of the night. My radio cuts on. About once a week one of my electronic devices in my room would go nuts for seemingly no reason and it was legit unnerving. 

Things end up opened and closed at random for seemingly no reason. At first I suspect my little sister is playing some sort of joke but some of the windows and crap being moved are beyond her reach. And that doesn’t explain the electronics going haywire.

The worst scare I ever got was when my TV (which is in the room next to me, not my bedroom) cut on at like 3AM one night and I happened to be watching MTV2 earlier in the day and, of course, the volume is up loud and they’re playing some screamy Slipknot song or something and I wake up up thrashing trying to get out of bed. My whole family comes upstairs because it disturbed them too.

My mother decides we need to research the house. Turns out, our home is listed as a historic building and as such it has a ton of easily accessible history to it at the local library. Part of that history involves a priest who, for some unknown reason, hung himself in the room that ended up being my younger sister’s bedroom. We never told her.

Little Vietnamese lady who cuts my hair randomly tells me she believes in supernatural stuff and in an effort to entertain her I start telling her about the weird things going on in my house. She gives me a tiny statue of a little man and tells me to put it somewhere ‘high up’ in my home. 

I put the statue way up on my tallest dresser, which is the highest elevated point inside the house that isn’t the attic.All unexplained crap in my room and downstairs stops immediately except there are occasional strange noises coming from the attic. We never go in the attic.

I turn 18 and move out. Eventually my family moves out of the house. It probably simply got lost in the move, but when the time comes to move everything out our little statue guy is nowhere to be found. I remember thinking ‘I hope the next family that lives there finds him’ when my mom told me.”

By: PuppetShowJustice (What is the most unexplained,
supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?

A Story of Spooks I Guess

“So, before I start this off, I just wanna say that this isn’t my personal experience but, I have been a part of it.

So, my Great Aunt used to clean a small cabin in the middle of nowhere on the prairie. To my knowledge, you could rent this cabin for a weekend or so and kind of get a western experience if you weren’t subjected to that culture.

The cabin was called the ‘Bunkhouse’ because it contained a small and dark bedroom with two bunkbeds laid out against one wall. I also remember it had a kitchen/living room and a small bathroom.

When no-one rented the cabin, the owners of it let my Aunt stay there and she invited me to stay a weekend when I was very little. I didn’t know it was haunted at the time but, what I do remember was right when you stepped on the front porch, the atmosphere around you felt heavy. Like you were underwater. I also remember the living room being full of different decorations covering the wall. Native American artifacts, feathers, old pictures, and to top it all off there was a huge rattlesnake skin nailed to the wall. It creeped me out.

Since I only stayed there a few days, I didn’t really experience anything but years later, my Aunt told us the truth about the place. She said that when she stayed there, she would sleep on one of the bunkbeds (obviously) but, she would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of religious music. She thought maybe the owner had played the music for the horses that stayed in a barn near the cabin to calm them down night. Probably because coyotes would come out sometimes. She had later asked the owner if this was the case but, it wasn’t.

She also would hear the TV switch on in the living room but, whenever she went to check and see if it was on, it would shut off just before she came in the room.
I don’t really know if she had any other things happen to her but, once she informed the owner of what happened to her, the owner brought up dozens of stories about people who had stayed there complaining about strange happenings.

One man who stayed there apparently just walked into the bedroom and saw a lady (probably mid-20s) in an old-fashioned long red dress standing at the head of the bunkbed before disappearing.

A woman stayed there and stored her suitcase under the bed and when she was packing up to go, she peeked under it to grab the suitcase. She was then met by a young girl in a nightgown huddled under the bed.

There were many more incidents but, one that stood out to me most, was a story of a doctor who stayed there. He was kind of the skeptic when it came to these things but, he woke one night to find probably the same little girl staring at him as he was sleeping at the foot of the bed. He was a believer after that apparently.

The owner of the house had a daughter that had died years ago, but I don’t think the family had lived in that house. So, I’m not really sure what to think of who really was haunting the place if it actually is haunted.

Presently, the bunkhouse is now demolished. I don’t really know why they tore it down, but I’m guessing whatever hung around there still remains.”

By: Anonymous

“Living in a school that is possibly haunted has its cons. For example, there is always footsteps…

“Living in a school that is possibly haunted has its cons. For example, there is always footsteps and voices on the roof at night, and everyone in every room wakes up an precisely hour before the wake up call, every day, for no apparent reason. Small things have the tendency to vanish overnight from our tables, and sometimes I look down the bunk to see eyes. On a lighter note, forks keep appearing in the restroom in increasingly creative places, though I can’t be sure about the culprits.

But those little things definitely didn’t prepare me for this.

I was using a flashlight to do homework on my bunk so I wouldn’t wake up the roomies, when the flashlight just… turned itself off, somehow twisted out of my hand and rolled off the bunk. I yelped in surprise and shortly went back to sleep, but then the girl in the next bunk woke me up, at four or so, to tell me there was a light flashing from under my desk under the bed. I thought the fall might’ve broken the flashlight and it was just malfunctioning, but when she tried to point it out to me it stopped. I couldn’t find it in the morning.”

By: Anonymous