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Meet Resurrection Mary, the ghost of Archer Av…

Meet Resurrection Mary, the ghost of Archer Avenue:

Just southwest of Chicago, on Archer Avenue in Justice,
Illinois, across the street from Resurrection Cemetery, is a bar called Chet’s
Melody Lounge. Chet’s is a classic roadside tavern, with a pool table, a
jukebox, a popcorn machine, and a large clientele of bikers. But Chet’s has an
unusual tradition: every Sunday, the staff leaves a Bloody Mary at the end of
the bar for a ghost. The ghost’s name is Resurrection Mary, and she has haunted
this stretch of Archer since the 1930s, when she picked up young men dancing to
the big bands at the Oh Henry Ballroom. 

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10 Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Bla…

10 Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Black Eyed Children:

10) Toyah High School – Toyah, TX
9) Walnut Ridge Mansion – Gonzales, TX
8) The Rig Theatre – Premont, TX
7) Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, TX
6) El Paso Tin Mine – El Paso, TX
5) Jackson Square Apartments – Amarillo, TX
4) The Cistern – Houston, TX
3) Emhouse School – Corsicana, TX
2) The Hotel Ozona – Ozona, TX
1) Abandoned Asylum – San Antonio, TX

Ghosts in Court: The Historic Lowes Cottage De…

Ghosts in Court: The Historic Lowes Cottage Decision:

Lowes [or Loews] Cottage was purchased in 1994  by Andrew and Josie Smith, when the couple moved into the dilapidated cottage with their children. Because of its condition, the Smiths had gotten the cottage for a low price, purchasing it with the intention to fix and flip it quickly for a hefty profit.  But according to the Smith’s, that dream was broken when they found out that the little cottage was home to more than them. According to the Smiths, a spirit or spirits had already taken up residence at the home, and did not appear particularly amenable to sharing the abode with the family.


As the Smith’s asked questions and sought counsel from religious and paranormal experts, notoriety about the small cottage began to build. At one point the Smith’s tried to refinance the mortgage on the home, only to have the bank turn down their request. It was at this point that the Smiths did something arguably different from the many other families that report having moved into haunted locations, the Smiths decided to sue the former owners for non-disclosure.



2nd Annual Maryland Paranormal Conference:  A event for those curious or serious about the paranormal.  

The conference will be held Aug 4 2018 in Gambrills MD from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm The conference will feature six well-known professional speakers.  The link is to the conference registration web page.

Maryland Paranormal Research ® will give the presentation “Ghosts, Poltergeists and Hauntings.”   This presentation will provide a survey of academic parapsychology research on Ghost, Poltergeists & Hauntings from 1885 to present.

10 Most Haunted RV Parks in Texas

10 Most Haunted RV Parks in Texas:

10) Rio Guadalupe Resort – Canyon Lake, TX
9) Fredericksburg KOA – Fredericksburg, TX
8) Northshore RV Resort – Lake Livingston, TX
7) Mill Creek Ranch Resort – Canton, TX
6) Buckhorn Lake Resort – Kerrville, TX
5) Lakeview RV Resort – Houston, TX
4) San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort – Highlands, TX
3) La Hacienda RV Resort & Cabins – Austin, TX
2) Rayford Crossing RV Resort – Spring, TX
1) South Padre Island KOA – South Padre Island, TX

The “Scary Dairy” of Camarillo, CA

The “Scary Dairy” of Camarillo, CA:

There is something inherently spooky about abandoned farm buildings. Remote, hulking, and isolated, their weathered remains have the feeling of a drifting ghost ship or a deserted space station, making one wonder, “What happened here?” And if those buildings were on a farm that was worked by patients of an early-20th-century mental hospital? That might sound like a deleted subplot from the second season of American Horror Story, but it’s actually the real backstory of what’s come to be known as the “Scary Dairy.”

On the paranormal activity reported at the “Scary
Dairy,” from Backpackerverse: 

Haunted Activity at the Scary Dairy

For the serious ghost hunter or paranormal
investigator, the Scary Dairy of Camarillo is a bit of a jackpot. It’s home to
numerous cold spots, especially around the tanks that still stand just
outside the main building. Small objects left lying out, especially keys, are
almost invariably found moved or missing when their owner returns. A few people
have even reported seeing them move on their own.

One team used a thermal camera and spotted what
appeared to be a tendril of mist forming around an antique handcuff key that
they left out as bait. In the morning when they returned, the key had fallen to
the ground. They were unable to see on the camera footage when exactly this

Spirits able to exert a physical influence on the mortal
world are exceedingly rare, and their presence points to a very strong
concentration of paranormal energy. Ghosts tend to wax and wane
in power depending on where they are found, more than the
circumstances of their own death.

Some experts postulate that the land upon which the
Mental Hospital and the Scary Dairy were built has a deeper, darker past.

Animal Ghosts at the Scary Dairy

One wonders if perhaps the cows and other dairy animals
are still present in a spectral form.

At the Scary Dairy, it seems entirely possible that the
tight clustering of animals combined with the paranormal activity already
present. Such a confluence of ghostly energy could potentially allow
for at least a few of them to remain on the scene, albeit in a diminished form.

Most likely, these poor creatures are confused and
entirely unaware of their surroundings. Unlike the human victims of
the Scary Dairy, these spectral cows and other creatures are almost certainly

Inside Britain’s most haunted prison which hel…

Inside Britain’s most haunted prison which held infamous gangster Reggie Kray:

The spooky snaps were taken by an urban explorer known as
The Elusive who claimed to have felt the presence of the many executions that
took place there.

They said, “It is damp and windy and quiet with doors and
corridors everywhere while footsteps, voices and door hinges could be heard
from a long distance away. It’s sad that a lot of people were executed there
and, given the age of the prison, you can really feel it. The prison existed
long before burial laws so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were unmarked
graves all over the complex.”

Business owner closing doors after claiming to…

Business owner closing doors after claiming to catch paranormal activity on tape:

“We are closed today to make sure everyone is safe,” owner April Ward said. Her concerns stem from security video which appears to show a makeshift barricade falling over.

“I still get chills, my husband won’t come in here,” Ward said. “It’s weird, it’s crazy.”

Ward said she found the collapsed barricade. It isn’t the first times she’s found it knocked over and she initially thought someone was prowling around the cafe. Then she and her husband watched the security video…

Haunted Store – Bair Drug & Hardware in Steila…

The Former Owner
Doesn’t Want to Leave His Store

Some people are really attached to their work, some so
much that they can’t let go of it even in death.  This seems to be the
case for W.L. “Cub” Bair.

In 1895, Cub Bair built his modern pharmacy and hardware
in the port town of Steilacoom, WA. The building served multiple purposes
as was often the case back in those days. Inside the small shop was a pharmacy,
hardware store, soda fountain and post office. In fact, it was the only
commercial building in Steilacoom prior to 1900.

Now, many years after his death, it is thought that Cub
Bair remains at the pharmacy, making his presence known.  The building is
now a “living museum” maintained by the local historical society.  A
restaurant occupies part of the building and it appears that Cub isn’t always
happy about modern changes to his store.

The reports are that modern equipment has a very high
failure rate.  Repairmen have commented that wires seem to have been
“frayed from the inside”. Additionally, smaller things like the electric mixer
tend to migrate around the building on their own. When he is really upset,
syrup bottles for the soda fountain will be pushed off the shelf and onto the

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Terrified family film chilling footage of ‘pol…

Terrified family film chilling footage of ‘poltergeist’ stalking their Kent home:

Spooky footage shows a mug moving on its own as Barry tries to pour hot water into it and a pair of rubber gloves lift off the kitchen worktop and fly across the room.

Other videos reveal a chair turning around on its own and doors repeatedly opening and closing in the night.