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Haunted Store – Bair Drug & Hardware in Steila…

The Former Owner
Doesn’t Want to Leave His Store

Some people are really attached to their work, some so
much that they can’t let go of it even in death.  This seems to be the
case for W.L. “Cub” Bair.

In 1895, Cub Bair built his modern pharmacy and hardware
in the port town of Steilacoom, WA. The building served multiple purposes
as was often the case back in those days. Inside the small shop was a pharmacy,
hardware store, soda fountain and post office. In fact, it was the only
commercial building in Steilacoom prior to 1900.

Now, many years after his death, it is thought that Cub
Bair remains at the pharmacy, making his presence known.  The building is
now a “living museum” maintained by the local historical society.  A
restaurant occupies part of the building and it appears that Cub isn’t always
happy about modern changes to his store.

The reports are that modern equipment has a very high
failure rate.  Repairmen have commented that wires seem to have been
“frayed from the inside”. Additionally, smaller things like the electric mixer
tend to migrate around the building on their own. When he is really upset,
syrup bottles for the soda fountain will be pushed off the shelf and onto the

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Terrified family film chilling footage of ‘pol…

Terrified family film chilling footage of ‘poltergeist’ stalking their Kent home:

Spooky footage shows a mug moving on its own as Barry tries to pour hot water into it and a pair of rubber gloves lift off the kitchen worktop and fly across the room.

Other videos reveal a chair turning around on its own and doors repeatedly opening and closing in the night.

Family tells how a ghost photobombed their hol…

Family tells how a ghost photobombed their holiday photo on the day a body was discovered at the same spot – can you see it?:

The site where the photo was taken, known as Dovestones Reservoir, has a dark history of deaths – including the discovery of a body on the very same day  the photograph was taken.

The security guard, at work at a football stad…

The security guard, at work
at a football stadium in Argentina, caught on camera the moment when he spotted
an eerie apparition.

Paranormal Encounters in the American Southwes…

The American Southwest is a haunted place, and the spirits that live there have stories to tell. Paranormal investigators Dan Baldwin, Dwight Hull, and Rhonda Hull have combined their love of history with their ongoing paranormal investigations into the paranormal. The result? Speaking with the Spirits of the Old Southwest, which combines their investigations, history, and EVP transcripts for an unforgettable paranormal experience.

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Gauld, A., & Cornell, A. D. (1979). Poltergeists. Routledge…

Gauld, A., & Cornell, A. D. (1979). Poltergeists. Routledge Kegan & Paul.

Leading study from parapsychologists Gauld and Cornell first published in 1979. The researchers performed a cluster analysis on 500 published cases of hauntings and poltergeists spanning from the 9th through the 20th centuries. Of the total, 328 were poltergeist cases and 172 were haunting cases. Hauntings involved recurrent phenomena that were place-centered, persisting on/off for several years, often occurring at night. The principal activity in hauntings was “imitative noises.” They took issue with notions that poltergeist activity mainly arises from psychokinesis in living persons. (Sponsored)


Gauld, A., & Cornell, A. D. (1979). Poltergeists. Routledge Kegan & Paul. Sponsored

Schambacher’s Tavern: A Real Ghost Story

Schambacher’s Tavern: A Real Ghost Story:

The story begins in February of 1756 in the midst of the French and Indian War. Early one morning, a group of Lenape emerged from the forests that covered the Blue Mountains of Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Allied with the French, they were intent on murdering colonial families living on the frontier. An account of the attack was documented in a letter from (Jean) Valentine Probst to Jacob Levan:

I cannot omit writing about the dreadful circumstances of our Township, Albany. The Indians came yesterday morning, about 8:00 o’clock, to Frederick Reichelderfer’s house. As he was feeding his horses, two Indians ran upon him, and followed him into the field 10 or 12 perches behind; but he escaped and ran toward Jacob Gerhart’s house, with a design to fetch arms. When he came nearer Gerhart’s, he heard a lamentable cry “Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus,” which made him run back towards his own house, but before he got quite home, he saw his house and stables in flames; and heard all the cattle bellowing, and thereupon he ran away again.

Two of his children were shot, one of them was found dead in his field, the other was found alive and brought to Hagenbuch’s house but died three hours after. All his grain and cattle were burnt up. At Jacob Gerhart’s they had killed one man, two women, and six children. Two children slipped under the bed; one of which was burned; the other escaped and ran a mile to get to people. We desire help, or we must leave our homes.

Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend is S…

Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend is So Persistent:

Over the last two
centuries, the U.S. Capitol Building, with its underground
passages and echoing side chambers, has amassed its fair share of ghost
stories. Whether it’s the specter of a lost Civil War soldier from the
building’s brief stint as a wartime hospital, or the ghost of John Quincy Adams
shouting his final words in the Speaker’s Lobby, the Capitol Building is a
ghost hunter’s dream. But few such stories have captured the public’s
imagination like that of the Demon Cat.

“It’s probably the most common of all the ghost stories
in the capitol. Partly because of the physical evidence,” says Steve Livengood,
the chief tour guide of the U.S. Capitol
Historical Society

myhauntedsalem: Houghton Mansion North Adams, …


Houghton Mansion
North Adams, Massachusetts

There have been documented accounts of paranormal activity at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts all throughout the history of this structure. It is believed that the three story structure that is designed in a Victorian style architecture still houses the residents who have long since passed from the physical world into the spiritual world. Today, this is the headquarters for the “Berkshire Paranormal Group”.

In the early years of the 1900’s, this spectacular mansion served as a home to the first mayor of the North Adams area, Albert Houghton. Mr. Houghton’s family also stayed in the home with him. A spectacular amount of tragedy struck this family starting in the year of 1914 when the chauffeur was driving several members of the family to the Vermont area. The members of the family who were in the vehicle were Albert, and Mary, who was his daughter. A family friend by the name of Sybil was also in the vehicle.

When the driver reacted to avoid a work crew, the vehicle rolled over an embankment and killed the family friend instantly. Mary was pulled from the scene and taken to a local hospital, but died on the way there. Albert and the driver only experienced minor complications. Unfortunately, the driver was found dead the next morning due to suicide near the mansion, in a barn. In just over a week after the driver was found to have shot himself, Albert died as well. This resulted in ownership being turned over to a family by the name of “Mason” a short time later. This family established a Masonic Temple there, and still remains in a newer area of the mansion.

Many hauntings have been reported at the Houghton Mansion. When the Travel Channel investigated the reports, they deemed this structure as one of the “scariest places on Earth”. Several different types of paranormal activity has been said to occur at this location. The following represents some of these accounts:

•One of the most common experiences when it comes to the Houghton Mansion is the fact that lights and electrical appliances seem to turn on and off by themselves with no apparent cause.

•There are several footfalls heard throughout the structure. While some of these are quite light, like those of a child, others reflect that of an adult.

•Many have claimed that they have been touched by an unknown presence in the area of the basement.

•Several have reported that they can hear a female voice whispering and talking both in the mansion, and on the grounds where the mansion lies.

•Knocks and bangs throughout the haunted Houghton mansion have also been reported.

Horror up North: The Most Haunted Places in Ca…

Horror up North: The Most Haunted Places in Canada:

The Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta – 

This grand castle-like hotel in the Rocky Mountains was completed in 1888 and has been the site of several hauntings. A former bellman and burning bride often appear to guests. Mysteriously, Room 873 no longer exists. People suspect that the former room was the site of a family’s murder and their ghosts never left. After the murder, guests staying in 873 reported strange occurrences, and the hotel was forced to close off the room. Sometimes, their ghosts still appear in the hallway where the room once stood.