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Historic Shepherdstown Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 /Jefferson…

Historic Shepherdstown Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 /Jefferson County (“It’s Kind of a Small World”) Direct Radio Voice (DRV) stream (“It’s Kind of a Small World”) captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at Historic Shepherdstown and Museum [Shepherdstown WV] Ghost Expedition Aug 11-12 2018. Stream of responses to queries concerning family histories in connection with the museum and area.  In the audio stream, one communicator remarked (“It’s Kind of a Small World”). Audio was captured with a Zoom H2N Handy Recorder.  The DRV stage consisted of a: P-SB7 ITC device; MACKIE 402-VLZ3 Mixer; HARMON DIGITECH 1066 Vocal Processor; ART EQ-351 31 Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer; TIMEWAVE DSP-599zx Digital Noise Filter and a BOSE speaker.  Audio was analyzed with PRAAT software which provided the wave forms and voice print.  The audio was also enhanced with noise filtering and normalization using AUDACITY. [AUDIO ENHANCED][HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED]

Specters and Speculators: The People Buying Ha…

Specters and Speculators: The People Buying Haunted Homes:

According to Chinese superstition, houses in which people have met untimely or abnormal ends are haunted by their vengeful spirits. Most Chinese investors avoid such properties, believing the homes bring bad luck to their careers, health and businesses. As a result, properties in which an unnatural death has occurred often sell at a discount — or not at all. But as housing prices in major cities see double-digit increases, some bargain-hunting investors are targeting estates colloquially known as “xiongzhai” or “haunted homes.”

“The concern over haunted properties is just the fear of ghosts. What’s there to fear? I’m already being haunted by poverty.”

The Most Haunted Places in GeorgiaThe South is…

The Most Haunted
Places in Georgia

The South is known for its southern charm, especially in
places like Charlotte, New Orleans, and Savannah. The latter was founded in
1733, which means thousands flock to Georgia every year to take in the old
buildings, walk the historic streets, and get a little taste of what colonial
living might have been like. Underneath all the charm, however, there are
stories of murder, tragedy, and mysterious hauntings.

And now that it’s October, a month where people actively
seek out the best places in America to terrify themselves for some
reason, you’ll have lots of options for places that are setup to give you a
quick-but-safe scare. This is not a list of those places; this is a list of
actually haunted places around Georgia that might give you a scare you we’re
never expecting. Good luck! We’re not coming with you.

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Charley the Haunted Doll

Charley the Haunted Doll:

In 1968, a peculiar doll was discovered in the attic of an old Victorian home in upstate New York. Found in the bottom of a tattered trunk full of newspaper, the only other item with it was a yellowed piece of paper containing the Lord’s Prayer. The old newspaper used to pack the trunk had dates on it going back to the early 1930s, but the actual age of the doll could not be determined.

A Dark and Stormy Night: Does Weather Affect t…

A Dark and Stormy Night: Does Weather Affect the Paranormal?:

The idea is not entirely far-fetched. After all, if ghosts, spirits, and other such entities do exist, then they must use some form of energy to do so or to manifest, for example, it is thought that ghosts sometimes utilize the ambient heat in a room for energy to manifest, leading to cold spots as this energy is abruptly absorbed. If they do need to suckle off of some sort of energy or “charge,” then this could theoretically be prone to fluctuations depending on certain atmospheric phenomena. There are various types of atmospheric activity that could possibly affect the paranormal activity of a location, with the most common image of this being thunderstorms, so how would these storms be able to exert an influence on supernatural entities?

All It Takes to Create a Ghost Is a Good Story

All It Takes to Create a Ghost Is a Good Story:

[Todd Cobb,] as the ghost guy, he heard more ghost stories, and then a strange thing started happening. He would hear the stories he wrote—parts he knows he made up—repeated back to him, by people he didn’t know and who didn’t realize that they’d read them in a book. He had written in the introduction, “When we move beyond the realm of science, we’re in the realm of faith. We believe because we believe.” But he was surprised that people believed so thoroughly and eagerly in ghosts that he’d just invented.

“The first requirement for there being a ghost in a house is someone believing there’s a ghost in the house,” says Christopher Bader, a professor of sociology at Chapman University in Orange, California, who has spent years studying paranormal beliefs in America. A good story can be enough.

The Spookiest Things Paranormal Investigators …

These spine-chilling stories from real-life
ghost hunters will have you hiding under your covers.

One of the first
investigations Greg Newkirk, a professional paranormal investigator, ever did
still haunts him today. “I had taken a documentary film director to an
abandoned church long-rumored to be haunted,” he says. “We’d only been in the
building for half an hour before a loud knocking drew our attention to the
church’s ten-foot-tall pulpit. For five minutes, we watched a thick, forest
green fog manifest on the pulpit’s spiral staircase, before it slowly crept
toward us.” That’s when, all of a sudden, the director Newkirk had brought with
him began to frantically gasp for air as if he were choking. “Sure enough, he
had two bright red hand prints wrapped around his throat. They almost looked
like burns.” 

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The Ghost of a Dead Boy Haunts this California…

The Ghost of a Dead Boy Haunts this California Hiking Trail:

The community of Modesto, California, prides itself on
being fairly active. As a result, many running and hiking trails have
been created through the town and surrounding county. But some trails are more
well-known than others.

The Dry Creek Running Trail is quite popular, but not
necessarily for its scenic views or level of difficulty. Many routine
joggers and cyclists use it (or avoid it) because they believe it to
be haunted. Some say the spirit of a teenage boy lingers on this trail—at
the bridge on Claus Road in particular.

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What’s that making a noise at night in Gedling…

What’s that making a noise at night in Gedling Woods?:

Gedling Woods were originally part of the ancient
Sherwood Forest, home to Robin Hood. However, today Gedling Woods is but a
fraction of its original size, and is a nature reserve close to Shearing Hill.

There is full public access to Gedling Woods and it is a
very popular destination for dog walkers and hikers.

Most people have no idea of the many hauntings associated
with it.

There have been many reported cases of paranormal
activity over the centuries, including a ghostly nun and also of a White Lady –
both of which have been seen to glide along the many tracks which criss-cross
the woodland.

the Gedling Eye for the full article.

The Story Behind this Ghost Town Cemetery in G…

The Story Behind this Ghost Town Cemetery in Georgia Will Chill You to the Bone 

As one of the biggest burial grounds in Georgia, Oakland
Cemetery is also one of the oldest.

What was originally built in the 1800s, this important
cemetery ended up being the burial spot for nearly 7,000 Confederate soldiers
during the Civil War, 3,000 of which remain unknown.

But what makes this cemetery such a paranormal hot-spot,
is that despite the war being over for well over a century, people have still
claimed to see apparitions of soldiers wandering the grounds.

Perhaps the most chilling story to come from this
cemetery is when a visitor heard Confederate soldiers doing a roll call in the
distance, and his name was added into the call. 

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