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US Congress Proposes Spending $10 Million to L…

US Congress Proposes Spending $10 Million to Look for ETs:

Congress has proposed a new “National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2018” bill and buried in its 53 pages is a recommendation to spend $10 million on the “search for technosignatures, such as radio transmissions” per year for the next two fiscal years.





Jury use Ouija board to identify murderer – Unexplained Mysteries

Jury use Ouija board to identify murderer – Unexplained Mysteries

Report of an Albino Bigfoot in Illinois Crossi…

Report of an Albino Bigfoot in Illinois Crossing the Road:

“It was obviously a Bigfoot. I knew that as soon as I saw it, but it didn’t look like what I expected one to look like if I ever had the chance to see one. It was well over 6 feet tall, maybe even topping 7 feet, and was covered all over with fairly long hair — maybe four to six inches. But the most striking thing about it was that its hair was white. Actually, it wasn’t snow white, but instead had kind of a slight cream-colored tint to it. I have never heard of a white Bigfoot before.”

Think twice before playing The Elevator Game, …

Think twice before playing The Elevator Game, or you might end up trapped in another dimension:

Creepy paranormal games that allege to grant you access to the spirit realm have been around for centuries, making games like “Bloody Mary” and “Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board,” and Ouija board seances rites of passage for most adolescents. Now that we live in the age of the internet with websites like Reddit ready at our fingertips, cautionary tales about all the supernatural games you can play are more easily shared, discussed, and – of course – attempted.

The Elevator Game happens to be one such game that can purportedly grant you access to other dimensions, making it particularly likely that bad things could happen if it is played incorrectly. In fact, some people believe that this very game is responsible for numerous mysterious disappearances – including that of a young woman named Elisa Lam.

So, if you’re thinking about playing any supernatural games yourself, take note of these cautionary rules before for playing the Elevator Game.

Finding a Muse in the Supernatural

Finding a Muse in the Supernatural:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a community in Nevada that doesn’t possess a local legend or two. This is especially true of the state’s many ghost towns, nearly all of which are said to be haunted by former residents. With Goldfield, Tonopah, and Fish Lake Valley on the itinerary for days three and four of their journey from Las Vegas to Reno on “The Fellowship of Highway 95”—a week-long artistic collaboration on Nevada’s “Free-Range Art Highway”, organized by Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada—the collage artist Francesca Berrini and the photographer Lindsey Rickert were heading deep into “ghost country,” as Berinni described it in the day’s travel journal.

7 Famous Ghost Stories that Turned Out to be T…

7 Famous Ghost Stories that Turned Out to be Total BS:

Unfortunately for all of us who want ghosts to be real, there’s often a logical and non-supernatural explanation for many of the experiences that are attributed to ghosts. Some of the most famous ghost stories in the world even fall victim to being debunked. Not to burst your bubble, but here are seven of those debunked stories.

Essex Dogman Traumatizes Family

Essex Dogman Traumatizes Family:

“My Step Dad noticed something moving about in the garden from looking out of the window as he waited for the toast to be done. He questioned it and said “do you see that?” so I took a look out of the window and as we tried to work out what it was he switched the flood light on.

Plain as day this thing was on all fours drinking water from the pond. It was huge. I would describe it as black and very wide, very muscular. It turned its head and looked towards the house.”