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“So, little bit of background. I live in a town in pretty much the middle of nowhere in Montana, the population is about 2000, to the north of us between the interstate and my town there is a 30 minute deadzone, to the south I don’t even know how far the deadzone goes because that’s on the reservation. I moved here in July of 2014 right after my freshman year in high school. Before that I lived in a town in Washington about an hour North of Seattle where the high school itself had a population around 2000. It was a culture shock.

I live in what used to be the old rectory (a priest’s home) right behind a church. I’m also working at the power plant in town. I’m convinced that either I’m haunted or this whole town is. It’s probably both. When I lived in Washington I lived in a neighborhood that was still being built when my family moved in back in 2007. The house I’m living in now was built in the early 1900s, I don’t know the exact year. I’ve lost many loved ones and I’m pretty sure at least one is still around and watching me. All my life I’ve had weird things happening around me.

In Washington it wasn’t as often, there would be weird things like a noise upstairs when no one was home but me and the dogs. At first I would think nothing of it, these noises would happen off and on until I moved. Then I moved here, I’ve had weirder things happening. When I first moved in it was ‘old house noises’ a few months after I turned 16 I would see someone outside my window which isn’t exactly likely. My window is 6 or 7 feet off the ground and the person’s head was in the middle of my window. I was creeped out, so I now keep my blinds down so that they can’t see in and I can’t see out. Most recently I had shut the door to my room, locked it, and climbed into bed, five minutes later I look up and my door was wide open. Yes, I’m weird I don’t sleep well unless my bedroom door is locked.

Since I graduated high school almost a year ago I’ve been working at the plant. I’m a janitor so I work mainly alone at night and some pretty weird things have happened. For example my first week of work I was cleaning the training center I was in the back women’s bathroom. I had just finished cleaning the shower, the towels were still on the bench by the lockers. I was replacing the paper towels when out of the corner of my eye I saw a black figure sit down on the bench, knocking the towels onto the floor. I turned to tell them off and no one was there. I called out to see if anyone was in the building with me. No one answered. There have been more things happen like that, but that was the first time. I’ve heard my name be called. I’ve had my arm be yanked. I’ve been pushed. It’s getting to the point where I want to quit because I’m kind of scared for my safety. But I get paid well and I’m not ready to stop working here because I love my boss and my job.”

By: @yourgirllivvy98 


“When I was young, maybe like, 7, my dad and I went camping a lot, accompanied by his friend, his friend’s wife and his daughter. And each time we went camping, it was in the same place, a completely normal mountain with no particular gory history or weird feeling.

That being said, one night I woke up for no reason in particular. It wasn’t a scary reason, I just simply, got up and walked out of the tent and got face to face with a figure about 30 feet away. The figure must have been like 6 feet tall, looked like it was wearing a cowboy hat, and I distinctly remember it taking one step back. And I just stared, and it stared back. 

Eventually, whatever it was, backed off and turned it’s back on me, slowly backing off of the campsite and into the trees. And I went back into the tent. Speaking truthfully, when I think of it today, I think it’s funny. Ghost or not, I saw something wearing a cowboy hat in basically the middle of nowhere. It’s also a little creepy though I guess, because human or not, it wasn’t supposed to be there.”

By: Anonymous


“I’ve only been to one haunted house, and I don’t intend to go back.

While real haunted houses exist, haunted houses with actors are more common and very popular around here. I went to one with my cousin and mom last year, october 15th. It was a house where you followed a story and had to find your way out.

My cousin and I got separated from my Mom, and wandered into a dungeon-themed room. Now, at a haunted house, the rules are ‘If you don’t touch the actors, they won’t touch you.’ So when I felt a breath on my neck, I thought it was my cousin, but she was on the other side of the room. My entire family is black, but my cousin looked at me and I swear on my life her face went deathly white.

I felt like I was in danger but I couldn’t move because someone was restraining me, someone laughing and swaying me back and forth. My vision clouded up and I think I started crying. My cousin was screaming and clawing at whoever, whatever, was holding me back. She pulled me away, and we turned to see a tall, skinny, white thing with no eyes or nose but a smile that radiated evil and makes me start to cry just thinking about that thing’s appearance. She grabbed my hand and we ran out of the house, through one of the emergency exists.

She bought me a water and we waited outside for my mom. When we saw her, the three of us confronted the staff, but they said that they didn’t have an actor that fit the description about the creature.

To this day, I have reoccurring nightmares of standing at the end of a hallway, unable to move, as the thing stands on the other end, smiling.”

By: @sher-the-eggling

A Ouija Board Changed My Life

“I want to start this off by saying that I have never believed in a Heaven or a Hell or any of the various other supernatural myths and legends. Ever since I was young, science has always been my bias, and even after everything that happened in the story that is about to follow, I think it still is. Even after everything, I’m still not sure I believe in it, but what I do know, is that it was real.  I saw it. I felt it. 

In my junior year of high school, around 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember exactly when during that year, but I know it was within that timeframe, my friends and I were into doing a lot of stupid things that teenagers tend to do. You name it, we more than likely did it. Just like every other teen, drinking and partying was our favorite past time – especially on weekends. However, one weekend of being a stupid teenager has changed my life forever. I’m not really sure where to start, so I’m just going to jump in by walking through the night.

Our group got together, about 5 of us, and we somehow all came up with the decision to go explore in our state’s most haunted cemetery. Why not, right?  Something fun to do in our small city, I guess. One of my friends had a Ouija Board, and she decided it’d be a fun thing to do while we partied. We loaded up my car with all of our alcohol, weed, and of course that damn Ouija Board, and we were looking forward to a good night. Fast forward to about 30 minutes later.  We’re on the clear opposite side of our city, and we’re out in the middle of literally nowhere. No lights. No houses. Just the stars and headlights lighting our way down this admittedly creepy, winding road.

A little back story about this cemetery first. Like I said before, it is said to be the most haunted in our state, and it’s been investigated by several paranormal investigators and teams, and all of them have come up with the conclusion that there is indeed something there. Eyewitness testimonies state nearly the same kind of phenomenon – a force pushing you off the wall that surrounds the cemetery if you decide to try to walk on it, a shadowy figure that lurks in the woods in the back, mysterious orbs shown up in photographs, etc. This graveyard is the resting place of hundreds of people – from old governors, children, to civil war soldiers who died in battle.  The oldest grave there is reported to go back to the 1700s.  It was reportedly gorgeous and well maintained back in its prime, but it has since fell apart, and nobody watches the grounds or does any sort of monitoring. For the curious who go visit it, they have to park their car on the “main” road – aka the only road that leads through the side of town it’s on – climb a chain that is meant to keep people out, and then walk down a 2-mile dirt road that leads to the front gates. Once at the gates, you have to climb the infamous 5-foot brick wall that surrounds the cemetery, as the front gates are chain locked. 

We pulled up to the dirt road, we got out, and we started our trek. Once at the front gates, I don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I could immediately feel that something was off, but something drew me in. We all helped each other over the wall, and once we were all in, the party began. We ran around, screaming and yelling for the ghosts to ‘come at us’, and we went hunting for the shadowy figure that was supposed to have been seen. We walked around the wall, and the only time anyone fell off was because they were too drunk to keep their balance. Needless to say, none of us saw anything, none of us heard anything, and no one had been pushed off the wall by invisible hands. We then decided to give the Ouija Board a go. With the Ouija Board in my hand, something drew me to a grave that was a little way towards the very center of the cemetery. We all sat around the grave, and of course, we placed the board on top of it.  We asked the typical questions, and as we expected, nothing happened. Eventually, we grew bored, sober, and out of things to do, so we all decided to head home. I dropped everyone off at home, and then when I got back to my house, I passed out. 

The next few days went by, and they were just normal school days, but then, something changed. One night, I went to sleep, and my life changed forever. I woke up from my sleep, or at least I thought I did, but I quickly learned that I hadn’t. I will always remember how vivid it was and how it felt to look at myself sleeping in my bed. Whatever this place was, was real. It wasn’t a dream, and it wasn’t real life. I was looking at real life. After a few moments of looking around my room and watching myself sound asleep, something began pulling me towards my window – which is right next to my bed. I remember thinking, I can’t go to the window, the bed is in the way. But then, it wasn’t. I didn’t go around my bed, and I wasn’t standing on top of my bed, I was through my bed. Before I could process what was going on, my hand began to reach for my curtain, and I tried to fight it – feeling fear beginning to engulf my body. It was no use trying to resist it, though. My hand drew back the curtain, and my eyes were glued out onto my street and to the streetlight that stands right outside my window. There stood a little boy – no more than 4 years old – just looking at me. He wore clothes from an older time, that was obvious, and before I could really come up with an explanation, something grabbed his hand and pulled him away. I woke up instantly and saw that it was time for me to get ready for school, however, I remembered everything that had just happened. Whatever I saw, it was and still is ingrained in me. I tried to not think about it, and I tried to just tell myself that it was just a dream. But that didn’t do any good.

For the next few nights, I had the same exact dream or whatever you want to call it, and after about a week or so, it changed.  Instead of having the urge to look out my window, I was looking at myself sound asleep in my bed, with my back towards my open room.  Yes, this fact is important later on.  Something told me to turn around, and so I did. There he was. The little boy was standing in my room. He reached his hand up to me, and he looked like he was scared. I reached for his hand, but when I came within centimeters from grabbing it, the little boy changed. He was not a little boy anymore. I have no fucking clue what he turned into, but whatever it was, it was dark, evil, and full of hatred. It wasn’t another being, it was just a dark cloud. I remember screaming, but as I screamed, there was no noise, no commotion. Nobody came rushing into my room to ask what was wrong, and then, seconds later, I woke up in my bed just like a child wakes up from a nightmare. I looked around and turned all my lights on. There was nothing there.

This horrible reoccurring nightmare happened for the next few nights, and eventually, I refused to sleep. I got sick – depressed, anxious, I stopped eating, and I quit taking care of myself. My grades slipped, and I started to become an angry person. It got to the point that I felt that I needed to go to church – me – someone who has never been to church had no other option left. I needed to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. I sat down and talked to a priest and explained everything to him. He asked me if I had ever dwelled in, studied, or investigated in anything demonic or paranormal in general. Then I remembered – the cemetery. My ‘oh shit’ moment was clearly picked up by him, and he asked what all we did, and so I told him. He explained how spirits can be brought into the world through things like that. Now, this priest isn’t a demonologist, and he doesn’t investigate in anything paranormal, so he was little to no help in trying to find a solution, he merely just reminded me of that one night. I called my friend when I left, and because there was still daylight outside, I talked her into going back to the graveyard with me, and on the way there, I explained everything to her. She’s always been religious, so she believed me. We got back out there, and once we were in the cemetery, I walked back to the grave that we had done the Ouija Board on, and there he was, his name was Samuel Diamond, born 1859, died 1863.  Four-years-old.  I rushed home, and I did research, and I began looking into legends, myths, solutions, and testimonies. One solution I came across was to burn the Ouija Board. The fucking Ouija Board that I had completely forgotten about was still sitting in the trunk of my car. Without a second thought, I started the fire pit in the backyard, and I threw it in – anxious to rid myself of whatever was going on. But then it got worse.

I guess ‘worse’ isn’t really the correct term to use, I guess you could say that it stayed ‘consistent’. Yes, the weird out-of-body dreams did in fact stop, but something else took its place. Feelings. Not your typical emotions, but more like sensing. Ever since I burned that Ouija Board, and even now, to this day, I can’t stop sensing. If you know the feeling of being able to tell that someone is looking at you, then you know what I’m talking about. Whatever time of day it is, wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, if there is something or someone there, I can feel them. At night, I can’t fall asleep if my back is towards my open room, and if I happen to turn that way in my sleep, then I immediately wake up. If I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep or just relaxing, sometimes I feel like if I turned to look at what is driving a hole through me with its eyes, then I might be killed. Sometimes, if I’m wide awake or trying to sleep (because I know this can be construed at sleep paralysis) it feels like my neck will literally be broken if I turn to look. Sometimes, tears from fear start rolling down my face. 

I’ll admit, these extreme cases haven’t happened in a long time, but the mild ones still do. Upon further investigation, I read that burning a Ouija Board, while it can be useful once the user has said “Goodbye”, can release everything that was trapped inside of it through the initial use. I made a mistake when I was a stupid teenager, and I didn’t fix it in the right way. For that, my life is forever changed. I’ve come to learn that the world is more complex than we can imagine, and there are no limits when it comes to the physical plane. The deepness of our universe, and all of the different layers of all the different planes are beyond human imagination. Anything is literally possible. There are some things out there, and this goes against everything that I believe, that can’t and will never actually be proven by science. Sometimes, the only proof you can get is the proof that is personally given to you – even if that means that it’s presented with a beautifully wrapped box with nothing but darkness inside of it. 

Goodbye and Rest in Peace, Samuel Diamond


By: @muhlisuh

Possession Attempt?

“Let me preference this by saying I have frequent sleep paralysis so I’m pretty used to the effects. Also, I’m in my 30’s and generally a rational adult.

We were staying in a resort hotel, the kind with an indoor waterpark and fun kids’ stuff. It was our first night and the sleeping arrangements were, my husband with our middle son, myself with our daughter and our youngest son in a crib at the foot of my bed.

I woke up facing the alarm clock which read 2:00am. I rolled over and saw what looked like the head and upper torso of an old woman floating over near the ceiling, over my youngest’s crib. Her body faded away just below her chest.  She was just staring at my little boy.

I sat up and she turned toward me with the ugliest, angriest expression I’ve ever seen. Her mouth opened wide and I felt, rather than heard, a scream. Then she launched toward me and I slammed back. I couldn’t move, I had full body pins-and-needles, and it felt like I was being forced out of my body. 

I fought back with all the stuff you use to wake out of sleep paralysis (trying to move a finger, or a foot, focusing on ‘this isn’t real, wake up’) I threw in some prayer for good measure. After what felt like ten minutes, I regained control and could move again. The old lady wasn’t there, as far as I could tell. There was no way in hell I was going back to sleep, so I grabbed my phone and glanced at the alarm clock. It read 6:00am.  What ever happened felt like a few minutes but lasted four hours.

I have never experienced anything like that before or since.  It still freaks me out.”

By: @theartofinvisibleplaces

It started one night

“I have always had paranormal experiences. My family has stories from when I was a little girl that prove that. I have only had one (long) experience that really stuck with me. I still think about it and it has been a long time.

Back story: I had just recently gotten out of a terrible, abusive 5-year relationship and was living close to my best friend at another friends house with my dog (big black lab). I spent a lot of time out to keep myself occupied. The house I was staying in was strange, all of the rooms were connected into a large circle on the upper level and then there were stairs that lead to a basement in the kitchen. I stayed in a guest room on the upper level and there were random things in my room. There was a dresser with a mirror on top in front of the bed and the bed frame itself had a mirror built in.

It started one night while I was at my best friend’s house. My friend has also always had paranormal experiences her entire life. We were the only ones in her house and we were sitting on her bed watching TV with the lights out. Everything was normal for a few hours and all of a sudden, the light switch in the hallway turned on by itself. We looked at each other, nothing new or too concerning and then she got up and turned the light off. Little did I know this was just the beginning.

Fast forward 2 days or so. I had been out all night and I laid down in bed with my dog. I was almost asleep when I felt something small jump on the bed. I felt little foot prints climb all the way up to my chest. The only way I can describe it is how it feels when a cat jumps up on the bed. I reached down, not thinking much of it since my friend had cats…there was nothing there to touch.

After that night I would lay in bed and see shadows passing over the mirrors in my room. They were dark shadows and would completely black out everything. I would hear knocking on my bedroom door when no one was home and people calling my name when no one was home. I felt watched everywhere I went. It was happening so often that I was used to it (more so then before) and found myself ignoring it as much as possible.

One weekend the friend I was staying with and her family left for the weekend. I didn’t want to be alone so I invited my best friend over to keep me company. We noticed a few weird things, the cat was crying out and forcibly trying to get into my room, weird noises etc. When we decided to call it a night is when shit started to get real. We had been laying down for maybe 10 minutes when my friend mentioned she felt watched and was uncomfortable. She got up to go to the kitchen and before I could get up to follow she screamed my name at the top of her lungs ‘YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW’. I flew into the kitchen and standing there was a black mass that engulfed the entire side of the room. It moved slowly into the dining room as if it was watching for our reactions. At that point we decided we would leave. We grabbed a few things and went to the back door. I stopped in front of the basement stairs because something was drawing me down. I heard something call my name and then it started laughing at me. I wish I could explain this laugh, it was distorted almost like it was coming from a radio but loud enough to hurt your ears. Then it ran up the stairs at me, I could hear it stomping on each step.

I stayed at her house that night.

The night before I moved out was just as bad. I hadn’t even started packing and of l course I stayed out really late. When I came back I sat on my bed and my dog was laying on the bed next to me. It was silent in the house. I noticed my dog was acting weird, he was staring at the closet (which was just covered by curtains, there were no doors) and he kept growling really low. I tried to see what we was looking at when the curtains flew up to the ceiling and everything I owned came crashing out of the closet. The curtains fell back down and I could see something moving behind them.

My dog hid under the bed the rest of the night.”

By: @hypn0ticparadox

Short Encounter

“So I moved in with my boyfriend back in September. In my childhood house there was definitely something in it (spirit, ghost, whatever you want to call it). The same goes for my boyfriend.

So at the time we had the mattress on the floor and we had a huge fan next to us due to us needing background noise to fall asleep. So one night I wake up feeling like I’m being watched. I had been there for a month or so but I wasn’t yet use to being there. I wake up feeling like someone was in the room. And then I heard the loud noise of the dangling chains on the ceiling fan hitting the ceiling (like someone smacked them). At this point I’m definitely sure someone is there. I wake up my boyfriend as quietly as I can. 

He wakes up and I tell him what happened. He gets up and turn the lights on (so brave). We stop and stare at the chains swinging back and forth. We’re both shocked seeing as the door was locked and me, our dog, and my boyfriend could not have reached the chains. Our dog, at that point starts to growl which turns to a whine at the window. The window is closed and there’s no way for someone to enter through the window unnoticed without knocking our shelves to the ground. That night I barely slept. So far nothing else has happened yet.”

By: @maythetimelordswatchoveryou


“My childhood home was an old Victorian and my parents ran an antique shop as well. Before we put anything in the shop, we’d have it researched and in this time, it would just stay in our house. So there was always a lot
of very old things in this very old house and a lot of weird things happened, but here’s one story in particular.

One night, my cousin was staying over and we were home alone. We were in my room talking and watching YouTube videos with the door shut, and my cat at the time had been somewhere else in the house. After awhile, we heard this knocking on my door. At first we thought maybe it was my cat trying to get in or thumping his tail against the door, but the knocking was coming from high up almost as if someone was knocking just slightly below the very top of the door. It was quick too, like a person normally knocking at a door, not something a cat could do with its tail or a paw or something.

Since this was an old house, we though ‘Maybe it’s just old creaks that come with the territory’ but we heard it again. This time, it sounded more urgent and loud. Since my room was at the front of the house, I looked to see if my parents were home yet but the drive was empty. My cousin wanted to open the door, but I had this feeling that we shouldn’t.

It knocked some more and eventually stopped. We sat there for about half an hour and finally opened the door and checked the house. Everything was empty and locked up. To this day we still wonder what that even was.”

By: @svn-qveen

Footsteps at Night

“So in my old house I use to live in, there was this long hallway where all the rooms were. My room was at the very end by my parents’. Then it was my sister’s near the beginning of the hallway.

When I was around 5-6, I don’t know why but I kept my door wide open at night. I remember having a feeling I needed to for some reason. I also remember having a feeling of playing a game with someone (or something). The game was simple. I needed to stay still while it was quiet, and was only allowed to move when the a/c or heater came on (making a very loud noise) while trying to sleep. But I knew it if I moved and made and noise, something very bad was going to happen. While I played this game, while trying to sleep, I would hear footsteps coming down the hallway, s l o w l y. We had carpet yet it was loud and clear someone/something was walking. As it walked towards my room, I could feel a wave of dread. And every night the footsteps stopped at my door and there was never any noise of it walking away. I kept my body and head covered with my blankets so I wouldn’t see who or what was in the hallway. And I didn’t want to.

A few years back I told my sister, and she admitted to hearing those footsteps too. We asked our parents who denied ever getting up in the middle of the night to do that due to being heavy sleepers and not being awake at the time. We eventually sold the house but not before hearing doors slam and open when no one else was there, and things being moved by themselves at night. We even got a priest to come in and bless the house. The priest even told us there was something in the house. Glad we left that house.”

By: @maythetimelordswatchoveryou

A Roadside Story

“Okay, let me preface this with the fact that this kind of stuff seems to happen to my family a lot. My mother, a nurse, will tell stories of seeing a little girl wandering her hospital just before people die. People getting a ‘last wind’, meaning that they come back for a short time after they die, as if to give their family some comfort. Real-life horrors like a man who had come in off of the streets and plainly asked a doctor if he had ever noticed how hard it was to cut through bone, to which the doctor asked what he went and was shown the mans finger, still on his hand, which he had been cutting away at for what could only be assumed as a long time and was down to the bone. 

But, all of this aside, the only unexplainable things that ever happen to me seem to be paranormal, which I am incredibly thankful for. Now, by no means will I say that I’m extremely brave, but i’d like to think that I’m not a complete wuss. But, what I’m going to tell you still, to this day, freaks me out endlessly. 

My mom, great aunt, grandmother and I had been on a trip to the mountains to see the flowers bloom. Clearly, my thirteen-year-old mind wasn’t entertained by three middle-aged to elderly women in a car for two days for that long. Of course, there will always be the random shit that they’d say that they shouldn’t have, like my grandmothers apparent early love for a guy in her tiny hometown that drove a motorcycle and smoked. All of that said, I can safely say it want the worst trip I’ve ever been on.
After dropping them off at my grandmothers backwoods house, my mom and I started the hour and a half journey home. It got dark quickly but my no-bullshit mother made me feel safe as she’s been known to control raging men in her hospital. We started down a road i’d been down thousands of time, one that, during the day, is gorgeous. Golden corn stalks line the right side of the dirt road hundreds of rows deep. Occasionally, there are little paths through the corn, you know, standard. On the other side of the road, the only thing you can see is thick underbrush and tall oaks. 

We were listening to the radio and having a random conversation when, suddenly, we noticed a truck in front of us. We slowed down, figuring that we had just been driving a little quicker than we thought we were. I noticed that the truck had no license plates, but I want really surprised. Again, my grandmother lives in a backwoods middle of no where hick town, so seeing a truck, normally used for farms, with no license plates normal. He slowed down and pulled to the side of the road next to a drive way but, oddly, didn’t pull fully in. His car came to a complete stop, far from the mailbox, and he turned it off but kept the lights on. My mom tensed, her hands gripping the wheel tighter. I heard her mumbling that she would hit him if he came towards us, that she wouldn’t be scared to hit him. Slowly, she gave the car some gas, creeping slowly past the truck. 

Now, I swear when i tell you this it wasn’t a product of my imagination. It wasn’t because I was tried or because I was scared. I swear to you that this is exactly what I saw. 

As we passed the truck, out of pure fear of letting the man out of my sight, I turned and watched him as we passed. When I looked in, his lights were on and he was staring at me as if he was memorizing my face. I must have took in a breath, because my mom slammed on the gas, rocks flying behind her little red minivan. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his truck in the rear view mirror. He turned it on, and without stopping, he drove directly into the field. 

When we stopped to get gas my mom had to beg me to get out of the car in the dark parking lot. We drove home in near silence, and, when we got home, I silently went up stairs and went to bed. 

I still think about that guy pretty often. I find myself wondering if he really was memorizing my face and, if so, why? Was he crazy? Was he planning something? What if my mom wasn’t as street smart as she is? What if she hadn’t sped up? Why did he go into the field?

I don’t have the answers, but what I do know is that my mom absolutely refuses to drive with just the two of us in the car at night in sparsely populated areas.
And who knows, maybe he was just being kind and letting us pass him so he could pull into the field without interrupting our commute. Honestly, I hope that’s what it was. 

I often wonder if i’ll ever see him again. 

I hope not.”

By: @bethasaurousrex